My satire is now a reality. Insurance is leaving the coasts.

Louisana is just too low for the rising costs of floods and storms.

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google images “helicopter roof rescue”

I don’t often get to say “I told ya so” but I think in 2023 I’m going to get to say it a lot more than I used to. I was “joking” in 2019 but smarter observers than me knew this was inevitable too.

When it comes to climate chaos and rising sea levels, no crystal ball (or even a bad sense of humor) is required to see the future. All I or anyone now needs is the ability to read peer-reviewed science.

I guess that’s still too much to ask for the deep south. Too many down there still think that drowning in the “deep state” is a bigger problem than, ya know, literally drowning. The ocean is winning and, unlike “southern pride,” insurance companies are now waving the white flag of surrender.

They are out.

Will The People of the south and now every sea coast wise up too? Will they leave under their own power or just wait to be swept away in the next hurricane or flood?