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We can now actually “see” planets around other stars. Thanks Trump for making the press backburner the most profound piece of science reporting in years.

Look at this gif.

The center black blob is a star well over 100 light years away named HR 8799. The four smaller blobs moving around it are huge gas giant planets each larger than Jupiter.

We can now do this. We can see the reflected star light off planets around other stars.

And thanks to Trump, you really have to dig to find this anywhere.

I will let you click on the link under the image if you want more scientific data on this. Its pretty fascinating. I love this kind of stuff!

This is my concern though. This totally WOULD have been front page news if not for the Orange Vacuum sucking the life out of much more interesting news of all kinds.

I hate that man.

I hate his dumb orangeness and equally dumb troll hair.

I do not want to give him a chance anymore than I do a hypodermic needle I found under a park bench. And not a nice park either. One of those that you know damn well to not be in at night, lest you accidentally step on this needle or one like it. Or worse.

No, hate is not too strong a word anymore. When his petulance is stealing away the pure and awesome wonder of our entire universe, why the fuck should any of us hold anything back anymore?

I love astronomy! Its one of the most pure and beautiful sciences there is. Its one of the first things a kid can do to explore science. No one is getting particularly rich finding new stars and planets. You can’t make a better Iphone or drones from this research. (Thank God) Astronomy has no “useful” purpose. It’s usually just basic research. Its cool because it’s just cool to discover how the universe looks. It makes us all wonder what else is out there.

Trump is anti everything real, good, innocent and profound. There should be millions of kids staring at this black blob instead of the Fat Tangerine of a POTUS we’re now infected with.

Thanks to the Really Annoying Orange, kids can now find more about golden showers than the golden mean.

Four years for POrangeTUS is not acceptable. Start calling to demand impeachment of this narcissistic mother fucker now. Make it happen before the aliens land and he steals their press too.

It’s about the children now. It’s about the future of profound discovery of all things.

All things that don’t involve hookers and urine, we can only hope.

And finally, if you liked this, then please heart and share it. Thanks.



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