Who Are the Influential People in Climate Change Today?

I found this link through a Google search, so I will share this first: Click this link. These are the 100 most influential people today in climate change. Following these people is a good first step!

We will just showcase three of these people in this article. More will come later. Later also, we will delve more deeply into the problems of climate change and who and where in the world is the damage showing up.

AOC: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez




Many disciplines in science have the expertise needed to solve the many problems plaguing the world. We’ve done a lot, but we have so much more to do. With global warming, time is of the essence. This publication reports on all these things to save our planet and species.

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Tony Berard

Tony Berard

Recently, I have been debunking religion, psychics, and pseudosciences. I want to improve people’s critical thinking and logic skills. Nothing is Supernatural.

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