Quarterly NAV Statement — January 17, 2018

To our SCI Token holders:

We’re thrilled to have released our first official NAV statement, which you can read here. The NAV of each SCI token as of December 31, 2017 is $1.04, based on the NAV of the underlying VC fund, Science Blockchain Holdings, LP.

The $1.04 NAV is net of all costs related to the ICO. It is also reflective of the token issuance to the management team and advisors.

When we closed our ICO late last year, we saw Bitcoin and Ethereum were skyrocketing and hitting record highs. However, only forty-eight percent (48%) of the total SCI fundraise came in the form of ETH or BTC. Though we initially had some plans to liquidate, we felt it was smarter to hold on and continue to invest in the cryptocurrencies while closely vetting investment opportunities. To hedge against significant downside risk on the crypto assets, we put laddered stop-loss orders in place on portions of both our BTC and ETH holdings, with the goal of maintaining at least three years of expected operating cash ($USD) on hand. During the final week of December, BTC and ETH both had declines in price of approximately 30%, which triggered some of our stop-loss orders, and led to us holding $10.9M in cash as of Dec. 31. In 2018 we have been reevaluating the crypto positions we hold and have made subsequent adjustments between cash and crypto allocations that we expect to be reflected in our next NAV statement.

We also announced our plans to launch Blockchain Delta, a Bitcoin mining facility. The startup costs of this enterprise were incurred by Science Blockchain prior to year end. As of 12/31/1, external investment in Blockchain Delta had not yet closed. Therefore, we carried the investment at cost without any markup, so it did not materially impact the NAV.

We’re beginning the incubation of several companies this quarter and expect to have more news to share soon.

You can find more information on the SCI token contract on Etherscan here.

We encourage SCI Token holders to register and visit Science Blockchain for current information or to contact the team and join Science Blockchain’s Telegram community for investment discussions.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. You can always reach me at mike.jones@science-inc.com.


Mike Jones

Science Blockchain

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