Science Blockchain announces completion of Q3 2020 SCI token upgrade and fifth and final VideoCoin (VID) token distribution for SCI2 tokenholders

Science Inc.
Sep 23, 2020 · 3 min read

Securitize has completed the Q3 2020 token upgrade followed by the fifth and final VideoCoin (VID) token distribution to SCI2 token holders’ registered wallets. Science Blockchain based the distribution off a snapshot of the SCI2 tokens taken following the most recent token upgrade and manual SCI2 issuances from treasury to registered wallets.

Token holders that received SCI2 tokens in Q3 2020, also received portfolio company tokens previously held on Tokenhub, as applicable, as well as previous portfolio company token distributions.

Those who have completed the upgrade and received SCI2 tokens now have access to the SCI2 Token Holder Dashboard at

Portfolio company tokens that were previously held on Tokenhub for SCI tokenholders include ICO Watchdog (DOG), SpringRole’s invite token (INVITE), Polyswarm (NCT), Aventus (AVT), WePower (WPR) and Mainframe (MFT) tokens. Previous portfolio company token distributions include SpringRole (SPRING), Mainframe (MFT), WePower (WPR), and VideoCoin (VID) tokens.

Please note: Portfolio company tokens, both those previously held on Tokenhub as well as future portfolio company token distributions, have ONLY been and will ONLY be distributed to those token holders who have completed the token upgrade process and hold SCI2 tokens in a registered wallet. Future portfolio company token distributions will ONLY be made to SCI2 token holders who have registered a wallet and hold SCI2 tokens in their wallet.

For those who still need to complete the upgrade process in order to receive SCI2 tokens — please find the SCI Token Upgrade Dashboard at

In order for you to receive upgraded SCI tokens and be eligible for future distributions, you will need to complete the upgrade process via the SCI Token Upgrade Dashboard, which includes registering a wallet that you control. You should have received an email at the email address that you had previously provided during the original SCI token issuance (via Tokenhub), containing a link to access the SCI Token Upgrade Dashboard. Once registered, you will also be able to view your token balance via the dashboard.

As a reminder, all future upgrades will likely be manual and it may take several months for you to receive your SCI2 tokens. The next SCI token upgrade will be in Q4 2020.

Important: do not use your Ethereum address from an exchange, such as Coinbase, as they are not prepared to receive tokens, and if sent to the exchange wallet, your SCI2 Tokens may be allocated to the exchange and not to you. Use an Ethereum wallet you directly control. We will not be able to restore tokens to you that you have sent to an exchange wallet or other address you do not control.

There are many ways in which you can get an Ethereum Wallet. For example, and not by way of recommendation, the sites and allow you to create web-based wallets to keep your tokens. Also, there are hardware-based wallets (like the Ledger Nano that allow you to keep your tokens safe.

Science Inc.

Science Inc.

Science Inc.

We build the future with you. Science Inc. is a startup studio and early stage venture capital fund. To learn more, visit

Science Inc.

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Science Inc.

We build the future with you. Science Inc. is a startup studio and early stage venture capital fund. To learn more, visit

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