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Science Blockchain Releases Q2 2019 SCI Token NAV

Santa Monica, CA — July 8, 2019 — Science Blockchain Pte Ltd., the premier startup studio investing in and building blockchain technology companies, today announces that the NAV of each SCI token as of June 30, 2019, is $0.59, based on the NAV of the underlying VC fund, Science Blockchain Holdings, LP.

The overall digital asset market conditions are the primary driver of the $0.11 increase from the $0.48 NAV reported for the period ending March 31, 2019.

This past quarter, Science Blockchain launched Fyle, a single information channel through which issuers can confidently communicate with their token holders and ensure that every token holder receives every communication. Fyle was built to ensure that all token holders, regardless of whether they sign up for email, Telegram or other updates, can be assured of receiving communications from token issuers because the messages are sent directly to awallet address — or every wallet address — containing the issuer’s token. For information on Fyle, please visit —

For upcoming distributions, Science Blockchain has been informed by VideoCoin, which is creating video infrastructure on the blockchain, that it plans to distribute tokens in the near future. To set expectations, the delivery has been repeatedly delayed by VideoCoin, so we cannot be assured that the delivery will happen on schedule. Science Blockchain expects to distribute the VID tokens it receives to the SCI token holders shortly after receipt. The Science Blockchain team will be providing details of future distributions to token holders through its usual communication channels — including FYLE. Note that distributions will only be made to those that hold upgraded SCI2 tokens in a registered wallet.

Because these new ventures, token sales, and distributions are underway, Science Blockchain is currently carrying these investments at a cost in line with our accounting policies. When and if there is reliable pricing data for these assets, we will mark them to market which will then be reflected in our future NAV reporting.

The Science Blockchain portfolio includes the following:

  • Cash
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • BitClave (CAT)
  • WePower (WPR)
  • PolySwarm (NCT)
  • SpringRole (SPRING)
  • Mainframe (MFT)
  • Aventus (AVT)
  • SMRT (future tokens)
  • 8gig (future tokens)
  • Splyt (future tokens)
  • VideoCoin (future tokens)
  • GG Project Foundation (future tokens)
  • Glacier Formation (equity)
  • HedgeBase (equity)
  • March Media Technology (equity)
  • Fund3 (equity)
  • RealBlocks (equity)
  • FanDragon (equity)
  • Dmail Inc (equity)
  • Wave Financial Group (convertible debt)

The Science Blockchain team appreciates the trust and support of the SCI token holders and is committed to earning that trust each day through executing on its investment strategy.

As a reminder, all original SCI tokens, including those remaining on Tokenhub, are now frozen. Upgraded SCI tokens (SCI2 tokens) are available through the Securitize platform and the upgrade process is now open to all Science Blockchain investors at All SCI token holders who received their tokens via Tokenhub as part of the original SCI token issuance have received an email at the email address provided during the original SCI issuance process (ie the email address provided in 2017) that contains a unique link to access their SCI Token Upgrade Dashboard. Please complete the upgrade process if you have not already done so.

Those who have completed the upgrade and received SCI2 tokens now have access to the SCI2 Token Holder Dashboard — The Dashboard allows you to register multiple wallets and to request to transfer tokens from treasury to a wallet that you control (if applicable). Further, token holders will need to have upgraded SCI tokens (SCI2 tokens) in a registered wallet in order to receive portfolio company tokens that were held on Tokenhub and future portfolio company token distributions. Please visit for more information and to complete the upgrade process as soon as possible.

About Science BlockchaIn

Science has been helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses for more than six years, during which time it has funded or founded more than 85 companies, and has had $1.3B in aggregate portfolio company exits. Science Blockchain, the first incubator in the world to be funded by its own tokenized compliant securities offering (token: SCI2), intends to continue this history of successful company building by helping incredible blockchain entrepreneurs create and scale the software giants of the next century. We do this in three primary ways: 1) incubating promising early stage blockchain ventures, 2) engaging on a very limited and selective basis, with companies looking to take advantage of the possibilities presented by tokenized economies, and 3) investing in compliant private offerings of blockchain businesses. The unique token structure of SCI2 allows us to distribute 70% of the total tokens that Science Blockchain receives through our incubation and investment strategies directly to the SCI2 token holders. For more details, please visit

Disclaimer: This document contains certain forward-looking statements, relating to Science Inc.’s business, which can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “promising”, “plans”, “anticipated”, “will”, “project”, “believe”, “forecast”, “expected”, “estimated”, “targeting”, “aiming”, “set to”, “potential”, “seeking to”, “goal”, “could provide”, “intends”, “is being developed”, “could be”, “on track”, or similar expressions, or by express or implied discussions regarding potential filings or marketing approvals, or potential future sales of product candidates. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such statements. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described herein as anticipated, believed, estimated or expected. Science Inc. is providing this information as of the date of this document and does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this document as a result of new information, future events or developments or otherwise.



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