Science Blockchain to launch bitcoin mining facility Blockchain Delta

Science Blockchain, our incubator focused on funding and growing leading companies in the Blockchain space, plans to launch Blockchain Delta, a new renewable energy bitcoin mining operation headquartered in the U.S.

We’re thrilled to move into the mining space. The current total cryptocurrency market cap is at $600B, and mining is one of the best ways to be part of the very complex ecosystem that drives the market. Whereas the highly volatile prices of cryptocurrencies set the pace for trading returns, mining mitigates risk by providing a compounding stream of coins. We also believe miners are building the future of cryptocurrency, as they are the the front line market makers continuously moving their mining power to the dominate cryptocurrency.

We’ve brought on cryptocurrency veteran Menua Chaparyan to head up the operation. After spending four years of his career at the Energy Commission, Menua developed a curiosity for finding meaningful applications for renewable energy. Over the next three years he would partner with a prominent energy supplier in New York, directing surplus megawatts of hydroelectric energy toward Bitcoin mining and building proprietary energy recovery & cooling systems. In his career he has helped deploy over 10,000 miners the past seven years including outside the U.S. in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, India, Canada, and Armenia.

We’re moving quickly to get this built and plan to have the facility up and running by early 2018. Stay tuned here for updates. For more information visit and follow us at @ScienceInc.