All About Organic Cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics and skin care products the word “organic” is not specifically defined. However, if there are agricultural ingredients in the skin care and cosmetic products then the broad-termed definition of the term “organic” is then regulated by the USDA through its National Organic Program (NOP). These products are given labels so that the consumer can know to what extent and level the product’s ingredients are “organic”.

How organic cosmetics are labeled

There are many different labels on products that you may have seen but may not have understood them. Sometimes there are many different kinds of labels and you may have been confused at what they meant. This article is to help clarify the confusion.

“100% organic” means that all the ingredients in the product are completely organic. All ingredients are grown and produced without harmful and toxic chemicals. The USDA Organic Seal will be placed on all these products.

“Organic” is on products that have at least 95% ingredients that are produced organically. The remaining 5% of the ingredients are not available commercially in organic form, but are on the national list or they are not agriculturally grown. The USDA Organic Seal is also placed on these products.

”Made with Organic ingredients” is another label used on products that have at least a 70% organic ingredient content. There must be listed up to three organic ingredients on the product label. These products don’t have enough organic ingredients to have the USDA Seal of approval on their labels.

The word “organic” must not be used on the labels of products that have less 70% organic ingredients. These products have insufficient amount of organic ingredients.

Benefits of Organic Cosmetics

Each person is different and results vary with the individual as they do with anything, whether organic or not. There are a few benefits that are the same and can appear when organic cosmetics are used.

Sensitive skin: organic cosmetics frequently use more natural ingredients that are better for sensitive skin and omit the chemicals that can be hard on the skin

Natural ingredients: organic cosmetics frequently use naturally occurring ingredients that can be helpful with dark spots on the skin, wrinkles, acne, scars and bags under the eyes

Nutrients: organic cosmetics can use ingredients that have important nutrients, natural minerals and antioxidants that can help fight cancer

Safety: there are usually less, if any, side effects that can cause conditions like dry skin, red spots, acne breakouts or other kinds of health problems