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Work in Times of Corona

It has become clear that the beginning of the year is defined by the new pandemic. As any other massive shake-up, COVID-19 brings about the questions of survival: for individuals, businesses and the whole states. Similar to citizens of disease-stricken towns, businesses are trying to live through the epidemic, which, in many cases, means a trade-off between social responsibility and economic activity. The IT industry is, generally, the lucky one — most employees can be safely left to work from home without major impact on their productivity. However, even within the industry, Sciforce feels privileged: having medical professionals and data scientists on board, we are more than prepared to predict the threat and react to coronavirus responsibly.

Our Actions

Last Friday the government announced statewide quarantine. Why is this an appropriate measure?

As both data scientists and medical researchers throughout the globe agree, the virus is spreading exponentially, meaning that first it crawls into your region slowly and almost unnoticed and in a couple of weeks it is suddenly everywhere:

This graph modelled by Tomas Pueyo shows the grave similarity of the coronavirus spread in very different countries from different parts of the world. The most effective way to fight this, as shown by South Korea, is immediate and strict social distancing.

For Ukraine not to become yet another victim of the pandemic, measures are to be taken right away, and Sciforce has already modified the working routine accordingly.

What does this mean for the team?

  • Until the situation improves, we are working from home. Sciforce will take care to provide a smooth transition to the new way of operation, so that our team does not feel isolated. For those, who need assistance in setting up a remote workstation, our IT person is available — and willing — to help.
  • We ensure constant communication between team members, management and customers to minimize the effects of the quarantine on our performance.
  • Our medical team can help us all — they share only trustworthy information, can answer all our concerns and questions and are ready to give advice. We always rely on their professionalism in our everyday office life, be it selection of the painkillers to have in the office medical kit or selection of the best flu vaccine.
  • Besides from our physical help, it is crucial not to surrender to panic. Luckily for Sciforce, the head of our medical team is a trained psychologist and he can help us stay mentally stable even in the tough situation.

What does this mean for our clients?

  • Despite the volatile situation, all our commitments and deadlines remain intact. We are working from home, but our team is equipped to deliver all our products in time.
  • To make sure that there is no disconnection between the team and our clients, we make sure to provide all the necessary and timely communication. In addition to our usual talks and correspondence, we can send, if necessary, regular updates as to the situation in Ukraine. We believe that the key to effective work and trust is communication and we are willing to adapt it according to our clients’ wishes.
  • To provide extra security to our clients, we establish a VPN connection for our team members at a number of projects. Feel free to ask for a secure connection, if necessary.

What can we expect in the future?

As for now, Ukraine remains relatively free from coronavirus. The first confirmed case was registered on March, 3, and so far, there are only 3 confirmed cases as of March, 16 (one of which lethal) and 12 people are currently tested.

In the following diagrams we’ve tried to model the virus spreading with and without social distancing.


Exposed — infected patients during the incubation period;

Infected Mild/Severe/Critical — infected patients with different severity of disease;

Recovered — recovered patients;

Dead — death toll;

The first diagram predicts the spreading of the disease without social distancing.

As you can see from the first diagram, the number of infected patients will reach its peak in about 6 months and will amount to over 100 people per 1000.

The second diagram shows the dynamics of the infection spreading with social distancing. It shows that the virus spreads slowlier and reaches 40 people per 1000 and twice as low death toll.

In any case, Sciforce remains committed to both our clients and employees and we will do whatever it takes us to ensure smooth — and safe — operation.




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