Making Science More Reliable

Science is one of humanity’s most important endeavors. It creates life saving drugs, informs the policies that govern how we live, and gives us the technology in our hands. It is awesome and that is a fact.

Science is built on facts. Yet, only six out of 53 (11%) major cancer studies could pass independent validation when checked by industry, while out of 100 psychology studies less than half could be reproduced.

Today, we are introducing scite to make it easier to tell what is fact and what is not.

scite is a platform that allows anyone to see if a scientific report has been supported or contradicted by subsequent work. We do this by using deep learning and a network of experts to analyze hundreds of millions of citation statements, classifying them as supporting, contradicting, or just mentioning, and presenting the results in an easy to understand interface. Thus, anyone can check if a scientific paper has been supported or contradicted with just a few clicks.

We hope that scite will help researchers, funders, and the public to evaluate scientific research better, thus making it more reliable so that science can continue to make our lives better.

We’re excited to open the platform for beta testing today and invite you to join a community dedicated to making science more reliable.

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