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SCMP Event’s Inspiration: The Future Is Digital

The future of the events industry is digital.
  • COVID-19 has pushed the focus of hybrid events to a holistic digital perspective. PCMA made this the focus during their Convening Asia Pacific: Global Recovery Forum, held Nov. 10 in Sydney, Australia.
  • For their event, PCMA embraces a hybrid strategy from the get-go, limiting in-person speakers and attendees and making the virtual aspect the priority.
  • More than 500 virtual attendees logged into the event.
  • Despite a browser challenge during the event, PCMA was able to engage and validate participants with live Q&As and chat messages.
  • While there’s still uncertainty about the return of in-person events, 80% of those surveyed believe in-person and virtual events will co-exist in the future.
  • Research suggests that people generally think the post-COVID events landscape will not be the same as the pre-COVID one. Hybrid events seem likely for the beginning of 2021, but they are a big challenge for marketers.
  • In-person and virtual events are really two very different beasts. Overall, engagement is much poorer at virtual events, with 20% of attendees responsible for 80% of the live chat.
  • Virtual events are another digital channel for marketers to embrace in the buyer journey.
  • Reed Exhibitions studies 3,000 exhibitors and 9,000 attendees across 201 events to examine how COVID-19 is altering the events industry.
  • COVID-19 is speeding up changes in consumer behavior and boosting acceptance of digital tools.
  • Consumers are willing to adopt digital technology in the form of online events, and they are expressing more positive attitudes toward virtual events.
  • However, in-person events still hold immense value and consumers are interested in engaging with digital and in-person events in the future.
  • Dubai reacted quickly to the pandemic and has benefited greatly from the early action, but their local live entertainment sector had to get creative.
  • The streaming platform Platinumlist Live was created during the pandemic and has featured over 200 local and international artists, with over two million streams.
  • The Be Live in Dubai campaign was an excellent way to showcase the talents of people at home and stay connected with fans in the community.
  • Even as restrictions in Dubai have eased and live in-person shows have returned with restrictions, the digital entertainment area is still very strong for Platinumlist.
  • For only the second time in two decades, the World Economic Forum is set to host its annual meetings outside of Davos, and in Singapore in 2021.
  • The annual WEF is scheduled for May due to the unease with COVID-19.
  • Before the WEF, there will be a virtual summer, The Davos Agenda. This online forum will allow politicians and business leaders to discuss driving the post-pandemic economy.
  • In April, WEF will host the Global Technology Governance Summit in person in Tokyo.



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