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SCMP Event’s Inspiration: The value of an event is in its ability to connect everyone

Sometimes it’s not just how you know, it’s who you know. Our intel this week talks innovative ways to build connections with sponsors, fans and attendees both during the pandemic and beyond.

The Blog offers five fascinating case studies on what major brands want to see when they sponsor events. Alternative Press highlights Ticketmaster’s new high-tech tools for social distancing at in-person gigs. BizBash explores creating inclusive experiences at virtual conferences, while the Trade Show News Network highlights four key event trends on the rise pre-pandemic and how they might be affected by the shift to virtual.

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1. 5 Examples of Event Sponsorship Packages That Landed Big Brands

(by The Bizzabo Blog)

  • Times are changing: sponsors are looking for customization, connection, integration and ROI, not just logo placement
  • Allow sponsors some kind of direct access to attendees, like a product launch, experience, or face-to-face interaction
  • Use awards and competitions like Hackathons to generate excitement and long-term marketing returns

2. Here’s How Ticketmaster Plans To Implement Social Distancing At Future Gigs

(by Alternative Press)

  • Let’s go live: despite the spread of virtual events, fans and organizers worldwide are eager to get back to in-person entertainment
  • Technological tools like SmartEvent help event organizers seat attendees at venues according to distancing rules and control pre-show crowds
  • Innovative technology, according to Ticketmaster president, is the future of live events during the pandemic — and beyond

3. How This Virtual Conference Created an Inclusive Experience for 8,000 Attendees

(by BizBash)

  • Going virtual aids diversity and inclusion by expanding to a worldwide audience
  • ADCOLOR’s virtual conference enjoyed 77% retention and hosted over 7,000 more attendees than would have been possible face-to-face
  • Gamification techniques, a live host and real-time award announcements were the keys to keeping viewers engaged

4. These 4 Event Trends Were On The Rise Pre-Pandemic — Here’s How They’ll Impact Future Events

(by TSNN)

  • Old + new: consider how preexisting event trends will combine with behaviors learned during social distancing
  • One size doesn’t fit all — virtual events are the perfect ground for hyper-personalization and going the extra mile for attendees
  • Networking is the top priority for 82% of corporate attendees, so virtual conferences must reimagine face-to-face opportunities
  • Sustainability is also a high priority goal for 90% of event sites; even online, organizers can follow the “design once, use endlessly” rule

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(SCMP Events’ Inspiration is a series of weekly post on interesting articles from around the web on the events business as we continue to transform ourselves for a new normal post-Covid-19. These articles are relevant to anyone working in the events industry)



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