Undefined Labs is now a part of Datadog!

Borja Burgos
Aug 6, 2020 · 2 min read
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We’re excited to announce that Undefined Labs has been acquired by Datadog!

Two years ago, we started Undefined Labs to completely rethink testing in a world rapidly shifting to the cloud.

Having experienced firsthand the transition from simple and monolithic web applications to the complex and distributed cloud-native applications of modern days, we’ve encountered organizations of all sizes dealing with the same painful issues around testing and deployment.

There’s been a lack of tooling to debug tests in microservice environments, an absence of historical understanding when it comes to testing, gross inefficiencies that lead to both bottlenecks as well as exorbitant CI costs, and no centralized and automated way to deal with test flakiness.
With our latest release of Scope, we’re proud to have been able to address all of these problems in a meaningful way.

After founding Undefined Labs, Datadog was one of the first services we added to our tech stack. We’ve always greatly admired the power of the Datadog platform to provide us with best-in-class production observability, as well as their ability to remain agile and innovative and to continually redefine the monitoring space.

We’re excited by the opportunity to extend Datadog’s industry-leading visibility into the software development and pre-production workflows.
We believe joining Datadog will accelerate our vision of helping thousands of engineering organizations operate with a better understanding of the entire software development lifecycle, from git push to production.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to all of our users and customers who have supported us and pushed us, and have provided incredible feedback in shaping our products.

In light of the acquisition, we’ll be hard at work creating an even better product and experience within the Datadog platform, with the added benefit of carrying forward all of the lessons learned while building Scope. We know many of our users are already Datadog customers, so we’ll be seeing you again very soon!

We’re not only excited about the future of what we’ll build as a part of Datadog, but also the chance to make a positive impact in Madrid, Spain. We will maintain our engineering office in Madrid, and we look forward to growing the team over time as part of Datadog.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank our investors, advisors, and friends for all of your support, advice, and mentorship over the past couple of years.
The entire team at Undefined Labs will be joining Datadog and we look forward to continuing the journey to build tools that solve challenges in software engineering so development teams can do more, faster.

For a peek into what this means for Datadog, you can see their announcement here.


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