Are you aware of how much time you waste after every meeting?

Project managers have reported that they spend over 20–30 minutes after every meeting just trying to consolidate everything that had happened.

Yet, with overbearing schedules of 15+ meetings a week, the average project manager, doesn’t even have time to use the bathroom between meetings. Managers don’t have time to followup a meeting until hours later if they’re lucky. And by then, the follow up is almost useless. A new startup based in Boston is changing that. wants to give you your time back by automating all the administrative work after meetings. That way, you can focus on the collaborative problem solving that humans are evolved to do.

Why do you even need to follow up?

Studies have shown that the average adult has an attention span of 20 minutes and these also show that it has decreased by about 12 minutes in the last decade! The odds that someone on the team forgets which tasks he or she is assigned to do are staggering. We couldn’t believe how often it happened. The best managers know that you need to keep a tight ship to be successful. Meetings need to have followups that summarize the meetings with results and action items and keep people accountable. But no one has the time to follow up for every meeting. Managers don’t realize how much time they waste trying to keep things organized after every meeting.

That’s where Scopist comes in. will automatically create a report with a searchable meeting transcription, summary, and action items. All the relevant information will be right at your fingertips so you can focus on the work that you want to do. Just imagine what you can get done with the time that you save.

Follow these steps to get your own scopist:

1. Click here to go to and sign up for the beta
2. When you schedule meetings, simply add scopist bot as a member
3. Get all the insights you want straight to your mailbox.