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Part 1

Gina made her way through the dim theater slowly as her eyes adjusted to the low light. So far she could only see one other person — an elderly man sitting way up front, whose bobbing head showed that he would shortly be enjoying a full-on nap. Perfect. Like usual, she had picked a weekday matinee for a film on its last week in the theater, which essentially guaranteed that there would be hardly anybody there. She didn’t mind showing off on occasion, but times like this were just for her, so she didn’t need an audience.

She climbed the steps to the back of the theater and found a double-wide seat. She’d often wondered whether they were for couples or for heavy people; in any case, they were her seat of choice since they let her stretch out a bit and get perfectly comfortable. She dropped her treat — red licorice — into the cup holder, which she wouldn’t be using today. The guy at the box office had been a little suspicious of her, and she had to promise him that she wasn’t smuggling in a drink — she even opened her purse to show him. He’d eyed the deep pockets on her long, puffy winter coat suspiciously but decided to let her in with no further ado, thankfully — it would have been so embarrassing if he’d insisted that she empty her pockets in front of him! She sat down and patted her pocket as if to reassure herself that it was still there. Everything was fine.

She waited, coat zipped all the way up, until the lights went down and the previews began. The loud ads woke the old guy up front, but once the feature began she saw him slump in his seat and even began to hear a snore drift up to her. Now I can get started, she thought.

She unzipped her coat slowly, luxuriating in the cooler air flowing over her skin. One of the things that she loved about these days was how naughty she felt by traipsing around wearing nothing but her boots and her winter coat. She loved the feel of the smooth jacket liner sliding over her nipples and ass as she ran errands before arriving at the theater: dropping off the dry cleaning, going to the post office and even treating herself to a coffee, acting normally with everybody all the while she concealed a foot-long purple vibrator in her pocket and her thick coat hid her erect nipples. Then there was the delicious winter breeze that ran up her legs as she got in and out of the car — an icy tongue that licked her thighs and ruffled the hair between her legs.

She took another look around to make sure that nobody else had entered the theater and then spread her coat wide, reclining back to spread out a bit. She slipped her arms out of her sleeves and ran her hands down her sides, over her hips and across her taut thighs. She liked feeling the muscles in her legs; it was proof that she was still in good shape even after a dozen years of marriage and two kids. Physically in good shape, anyway — her sex life was dead on arrival, which is why she found herself sneaking out for solo nooners like this. She ran a hand lightly over her pussy, letting the hairs tickle her fingers. What would her husband think if he knew what her afternoon activities included? She had to admit that she didn’t care — after twelve years they were down to a monthly three-minute suck-and-fuck: she sucked and then got fucked in the missionary position. He wouldn’t even eat her pussy, although she’d asked him to go down on her time and time again. He was nothing but white bread, and she needed more. A lot more. Oh well, that’s what I get for marrying for money instead of passion.

Gina heard the fan overhead turn on, and soon she felt a new wash of warm air come over her body. She spread her legs farther to catch more of the heat and slipped one hand between her legs. As she’d expected, her lips parted easily and her middle finger was immediately slick with her juices. She took some time to run her finger up and down, sliding easily between the folds of her pussy and spreading her natural lube around. She lifted her hand to her nose and breathed in deeply. Gina absolutely loved the smell of her pussy — it was natural and musky and intoxicating. She remembered one time when she’d spent an entire afternoon masturbating at home and dabbed pussy juice behind her ears like perfume. Her husband hadn’t noticed a thing, the idiot.

Gina returned her finger to her pussy and slid it even deeper between her lips, making sure that it was nice and wet before she brought it to her mouth. If she loved the smell of her own pussy, she absolutely adored the taste — she rubbed her finger lightly over her lips, teasing her own mouth before she opened up and slipped her finger inside. God, this was perfect. She sucked her finger hard, taking in all of the juice she could, and swallowed. She had never been with another girl, but she could see why lesbians were the way they were. If every pussy were this sweet, she thought, there wouldn’t be any straight girls in the world.

Gina cupped her breasts, letting the warm air wash over them. Her nipples were hard and tight, just begging to be licked and sucked, but unfortunately that was one thing she wouldn’t be able to do for them. Sorry girls, you’ll have to settle for my hands, she thought as she squeezed her tits. Softly at first, she then grasped each one more firmly, gently pinching her nipples between her fingers. She licked the fingers of one hand and massaged the saliva into her nipples, loving the cool sensation of the blowing air softly caressing them.

She leaned forward in her seat to take a quick look around and saw that she was still alone in the theater, aside from her sleeping friend in front. Time for the main show, she thought, and she reclined in her seat again while digging into her coat pocket. She pulled out a monster, a beautiful monster. The foot-long vibrator was swirly purple with a knobby end, as thick as a summer sausage and had a motor that wouldn’t quit. She sometimes thought of it as her best friend. Gina brought the tip to her face and inhaled deeply. Yes, she could still smell a bit of herself from last time, and she brought her tongue out to tease the end, gliding quickly over the glans-shaped tip. The cool plastic quickly grew warm as she opened her mouth wider and brought the tip into her mouth, sucking off the remnants of pussy juice that she had left from last time. Oh, this is going to be good, she thought as she eased the vibrator deeper into her mouth. It slid quickly and easily over her tongue and she felt her mouth watering; although she never would have admitted this to her husband given his lack of interest in her pussy, she loved the sensation of a dick in her mouth. She would have gladly sucked him off every night just for her own pleasure, but she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction.

Gina tried to relax her throat as much as she could and she gently guided the vibrator deeply into her throat. She wanted it to be as wet as possible, and there was also something about deepthroating that made her feel powerful. Like she was in control. She was sorry to finally pull the thing out of her mouth, but it was needed elsewhere.

She scooted her hips down and spread her legs wide. Although she’d been turned on all afternoon, she wanted to take her time and she first gently ran the tip of the vibrator up and down her slit. Gotta make the pleasure last, she thought, as she teased her pussy lips apart and rubbed her clitoris. The thrill sent a chill up her back, making her shiver even in the warm air that was still pouring over her. She brought the vibe back up to her mouth and quickly licked it one last time.

“Go make me happy, big boy,” she whispered, and plunged the vibrator into her pussy. Between being wet all day in anticipation and the saliva coating she’d given the vibe, it slid in with no problem, easily reaching six inches on the first try. It was amazing, and she almost lost control right then and there; she had to fight off the urge to use her other hand to diddle her clit since that would have brought things to a quick conclusion. She wanted to stretch it out today, however.

She couldn’t help closing her eyes as she imagined a parade of lovers in her mind, all of them fit, tan, and with foot-long purple schlongs. She worked the vibe in and out, pushing it a little farther now and again to test her limits — she’d been giving herself afternoon delights for months now and had worked up to taking eight inches of the vibrator, but she eventually wanted it all.

She could smell her own pussy now, and she made a mental note to have her coat cleaned — she could feel her juices running down and dripping between her ass cheeks onto her coat. Oh well, it wasn’t the first time. As she worked her pussy, her hips made little involuntary jerks forward, trying to take it all in. She slid even further forward and lifted her hips a little, making the access to her sweet hole even easier.

“What’s going on here?” a voice called out close, and Gina’s eyes flashed open as she felt her heart nearly explode from shock.

She whipped the coat over her naked body and found herself staring into an usher’s flashlight — it was the same guy, in fact, who had thought she was sneaking a soda inside. He was about 21, slim, with long hair pulled back and hipster sideburns. Probably a film student, she thought.

“I knew you were trying to smuggle something in here,” he said, motioning with his flashlight. Gina glanced down and saw that her coat was still open down below, revealing her naked pussy with the vibrator still pushed deep inside. “This is public indecency,” he said. “I have to go call the cops.”

Gina thought for a second and then opened her coat wide to give him a good look. “If you go do that, then you’re going to miss the show,” she said. The usher ran his light all over her body, from her flush face and chest, over her rock-hard nipples and down to her pussy. Gina reached down and delicately eased the vibe out of her pussy, then brought it up and licked it clean. Even in the dim light, she could see a bulge growing in the usher’s pants.

“Well, maybe I don’t have to call them after all,” he said.

“I didn’t think so,” Gina said, and she reached out to grab him by the belt, pulling him close. She undid his belt quickly and opened his pants, revealing a huge bulge hidden in his briefs. She rubbed him and could hear his breathing quicken. She tucked her thumbs into the waistband and pulled his underwear down, almost to be hit in the face by his hefty cock. She was pleasantly surprised to find him clean-shaven, which made him seem even larger than he was. She grabbed it and squeezed it hard. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip almost immediately. He must not have had a girl recently, Gina thought as she flicked her tongue out to lap it up. She pulled him closer and ran her tongue all the way up and down his cock several times before finally taking the head inside her mouth. She ran her tongue all around and was sure that she detected the taste of his pre-cum again. Not so fast, she thought, and took his dick all the way into her mouth. She loved the sensation of the smooth skin sliding in and out of her mouth, gliding over her lips. A little stream of saliva started to leak out of the corner of her mouth and she paused to swallow.

“God, that feels amazing,” the usher said.

Not as amazing as it’s going to feel. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and she licked her left hand, leaving it bathed in saliva. As she brought him back inside, she grabbed him at the shaft and started to slide her hand up and down, her thumb and forefinger in a tight ring that jacked him off hard. In what seemed like only a few seconds, she felt his hips jerk and she prepared herself for the treat: his cum suddenly splashed against the roof of her mouth and she sucked hard. When it came to cum, especially the unexpectedly sweet cum of a young guy like this, she was greedy. She knew that some girls didn’t like to swallow, but Gina’s problem was the opposite: they never gave her enough and she ended up always wanting more. She squeezed him hard and coaxed out a few more drops, which made him weak in the knees: the usher fell back and his dick slipped out of Gina’s mouth with an audible pop, somewhat like a kissing noise.

Gina leaned back in the chair and spread her legs wide.

“Now get down there and lick that pussy,” she commanded, and the young guy was only too happy to comply. There was no tender, romantic prelude — the first thing he did was shove his tongue as far as he could up her snatch, lapping up the waterfall of pussy juice. Gina felt a wave of pleasure come over her and she ran her hands over herself, squeezing her tits in delight. As he worked his tongue over her thick pussy lips, she grabbed his flashlight and put a light on his face, enjoying the show. His cheeks glistened in the light, wet from his saliva and her own juices.

She was about to tell him to lick her clit when he did it himself, bathing that sweet pearl with strong strokes. He may have looked like a pretentious grad student, but she had to admit that he was a talented pussy eater. He reached up to spread her lips apart wider and give him a better angle on her clitoris, and it nearly took Gina’s breath away. She felt a climax building, but it was too soon — she wanted to prolong things, and what she really wanted was to feel full.

“Stop for a second,” she said, running her hand through his thick hair. “Can you fuck me?”

He grinned and stood up — his dick was, amazingly, rock hard again. God love a young man, Gina thought. She grabbed his cock and pulled him close, easily sliding his dick in between her legs. Between his lip service and her arousal, she was practically gushing already as he worked it in and out. His thick cock felt amazing and she reached around to grab his ass, pulling him forward with his thrusts. She could feel his heavy balls slapping against her ass as he drove himself inside, and she grabbed his hands, bringing them down to her tits. Her nipples sent little shocks through her body as he pinched them, and Gina again felt a rush building up inside — this time, however, there would be no stopping it. She brought one hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit as his dick worked away just below, and that was the magic moment that brought everything together: she wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him tightly to her as she felt him push harder than ever and empty his cum inside her; for Gina it was as if time itself had paused as the orgasm flooded over her. It took her some time to come back to herself and find the usher’s dick finally soft and slipping out of her pussy, followed by a stream of cum and pussy nectar that poured out and bathed her ass in warmth.

Gina pointed the flashlight between her legs. “I would normally make you clean that up, but today I’m in a hurry,” she said.

The usher smiled. “Next time I will.”

“Next time I won’t give you a choice,” Gina said as she stood up and put on her coat. She could feel the thick blend of fluids already running down her legs, and the thought of his tongue running up her thighs, lapping up the juice flowing from her pussy, was such a turn-on that she almost reconsidered having him clean her up now. But she had other errands to run, she told herself firmly, and she hid the vibrator back in her coat pocket. She treated the usher to a cum-flavored deep kiss and left him there, his pants still around his ankles, as she made her way out of the theater.

It wasn’t until she was in the car that she realized something that made her laugh: apparently, she had been the coming attraction!

Part Two

It had been a slow afternoon, but weekdays often were, and you had to take the weather into account as well — it was absolutely freezing out there, which helped to tamp down the number of people willing to go to the movies. Plus, they had no blockbusters to even show right now — it was either a couple of forgettable chick flicks, some animated pieces of crap and the usual flock of action films. Pretty boring stuff. The only ticket Alex had even sold in the last twenty minutes was to some old guy headed to the predictable, safe, romantic “comedy”. Alex yawned and glanced over at their “Coming Attractions” placards. Nope, nothing interesting even on the way — certainly nothing like the films he was going to make! Two more semesters and he was out of here, on his way to California to explode on the filmmaking scene.

Too bad Sheila’s not going along, he thought. Damn. He’d gone almost an hour without thinking about her. He tried to busy himself with arranging the cash drawer, but then remembered that he’d already done that the last time Sheila popped into his head. Without wanting to, the image flew into his mind of her ass wriggling in the air, waiting for him. Even after a year together, he’d been unable to name what he liked most about her: that wonderful ass with those beautifully rounded buttocks, her sweet little breasts that had a habit of perking up at the most inopportune moments, or that supremely talented, nasty little mouth of hers. He had to count her pussy in another league, he loved it so much; on more than one occasion she had accused him of loving her pussy more than he loved her. But all good things must come to an end, unfortunately. He looked around the cinema lobby to see if there was anything to do to take his mind off Sheila, but the floor was spotless and Ricky over at the snack counter looked just as bored. Alex turned back and stared out at the parking lot.

Well, here was something. Alex watched a tall, blonde woman crossing the parking lot toward the building, her long puffy coat zipped all the way up to her throat. As he watched, a gust of wind lifted the coat up over her knees for a moment, and it almost looked as if her legs were bare. Alex smiled at the thought. Cold, but sexy.

As the woman entered the lobby, Alex could see that she was in her late thirties, with lightly golden hair and unusually nice makeup for somebody going to a matinee alone. From what he could see, she was pretty hot. The winter coat obscured almost everything above her boots, but if Alex had to guess he’d have said that she was one of those desperate housewives who keep themselves in great shape because they have nothing else to do. He would have liked to see under that coat, that’s for sure. Still, he had a job to do, and he was suspicious of the way she was holding her purse, as if trying to hide something. As she was about to pass by after purchasing her ticket, Alex spoke.

“Just a minute, ma’am. Are you bringing in any drinks? Any snacks?” he asked.

She blushed.

“No, I’m not bringing in anything like that,” she said. “Here, look,” she said, opening her purse and thrusting it out at him.

Alex glanced down and saw only lipstick, a checkbook and so on. Nothing to get excited about.

“Okay, go ahead,” he said, and watched her go over to the concession stand to buy some licorice whips. I bet you need somebody to use those whips on you, he thought, and felt a stirring below. There was something pretty sexy about her. She actually resembled Sheila’s mom a little bit. Damn! Sheila again. It really pissed him off that he couldn’t get her out of his head. Still, he couldn’t deny that the reason was because things had been so good for a long time. Take the last time they’d gone to see her mother, for example.

They had gone to stay for the weekend at her mom’s place upstate, surrounded by a whole lot of nothing but forest and fields. Sheila’s mom was old-school and insisted that the two sleep in separate bedrooms; Alex wondered if she really thought that she was preventing any mischief, but he went along with it and enjoyed having the bed to himself. He didn’t have to wait long for an opportunity with Sheila to arise, anyway; their first morning there, Sheila’s mom went out for groceries while Sheila and Alex finished breakfast.

“Did you miss me last night?” Sheila asked as she watched her mom’s sedan pull out of the driveway.

“Sure did, baby,” Alex said, downing the last of his coffee.

Sheila stood up and came around the table to sit on his lap. “What did you miss most?” she asked, kissing him. “Was it my mouth?” she asked as she kissed him again, now working her way down his throat. “Did you miss my lips around your dick?”

It was that kind of talk that usually made him hard in a flash, and that morning was no exception.

“Baby, don’t talk like that unless you’re going to do something about it,” he said. “I can’t be walking around your mom with a hard-on all day; she’ll get the wrong idea.”

Sheila giggled and playfully slapped him. “I bet she would,” she said, reaching down to feel him through his jeans. “But I wouldn’t blame her, you’re just too cute,” she said, squeezing his already-hard cock.

“Your mom’s cute too,” he teased her, and she slapped him again.

“Well, maybe so,” Sheila said, sliding off his lap and dropping to her knees. “But I bet she can’t suck cock like I can.” With a practiced hand, she undid his jeans, and in a moment she had taken him into her mouth. Alex could see her cheeks drawn in from the suction and, as usual, was amazed at how strong she could suck him. For a petite girl, she was a goddamned firecracker. She eased him out of her mouth with a loud pop and pushed his cock up against his stomach, giving her perfect access to lick him up and down his shaft, her tongue painting his cock with broad strokes of saliva. When she dropped low and began massaging his balls with her tongue, taking them gently into her mouth and softly sucking them, it was all he could do to keep from falling off the chair.

“God, honey, that feels so good,” he murmured.

“Look at me,” she said. “I want you to watch me suck you.” She took him into her mouth again and kept her eyes locked on his as she guided his cock in and out, his skin glistening with her saliva. Sheila took one hand and grasped him hard, jacking him off as she sucked, and Alex could feel things building up very fast — faster than he wanted, in fact.

“Baby, you’ve got to stop,” he murmured.

Sheila kept sucking, her beautiful green eyes wide open and keeping his gaze.

“Baby, seriously, I’m going to come,” Alex whispered, but she only stopped to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock, then rushed him back into her mouth. Her lips were tight around him as she bobbed her head, and when squeezed him harder, he could feel that it was a losing battle. Alex gave up trying to hold out and instead just concentrated on enjoying the show as she worked on him; after only a few moments he felt a wave of pleasure overcome him as he filled her mouth with cum, each spurt causing her to jerk her head back a bit further and further until she finally let him slip out.

Sheila swallowed it all down and grinned at him.

“Not a bad way to start the day, huh?”

Alex laughed. “No, I can’t complain,” he said. “But what are we going to do with you?”

Sheila stood up to take off her shorts and panties, leaving her with only a t-shirt on, the hem just reaching the trimmed hair of her pussy. She turned around and bent over slightly, presenting her fine ass to Alex.

“I guess you’ll have to figure something out,” she said simply.

Regardless of whether he’d just come or not, Alex loved that ass, and seeing it thrust out at him like that was an invitation he couldn’t resist. He stood up and led her out of the kitchen to the living room, where she knelt on the rug, resting her elbows on the sofa and again displaying her butt for his inspection. Alex dropped to his knees behind her and began kissing her back, sliding his tongue down her spine and between her ass cheeks as he reached up to her crotch. He found her already a bit wet, and after gently running his fingers across her pussy lips he slipped a finger between them, sliding in a track between her clit and her sweet tunnel. As his fingers moved, Sheila gently rocked her hips back and forth, and Alex plunged two fingers deep inside her hole, earning a soft groan from her. He drove his fingers in and out slowly and steadily in a rhythm he’d perfected after finger-fucking her countless times. He could hear her breathing grow ragged as her lust built, and he brushed his tongue roughly over her asshole. She quivered with pleasure and Alex pushed her hips hard against the sofa, trying to pierce her with his tongue as his hand pumped in and out of her pussy. He felt himself getting hard again as she writhed under his touch, her thighs trembling and little moans escaping her mouth.

Alex slid his fingers out of her pussy and rubbed the head of his cock, getting it slick with her juices, and he moved in behind her, spreading her thighs wide apart and enjoying the view for a minute before slipping his cock in between her slick pussy lips. Not in danger of blowing his load too soon now, he worked her slowly and steadily, filling her all the way up while he reached under and fingered her clit. Soon he saw her claw the sofa cushions as she began earnestly driving her hips back into his, desperate to take him all in, and suddenly she stiffened and let out a long gasp, shuddering violently. Alex leaned over and hugged her, his cock still deep between her legs.

“God, that was good,” she said. “Now let me see what I can do for you again,” she said, before stopping short and cocking an ear. From outside, they heard a car door close.

“Shit! My mom’s back!” she hissed, and they raced back to the kitchen, quickly getting dressed and trying to act casually as they heard her enter the front door and proceed to the kitchen.

“I forgot my list,” they heard her say just before she entered the kitchen. “Say, now that you’ve finished breakfast, do you want to go along to get out of the house?”

Sheila looked up at her mother. “No, I think we’re going to head out for a walk. I’ve got some things I wanted to do. Right, Alex?”

Alex hoped that he hadn’t blushed as much as he felt, but an hour later, as he got his second blowjob of the day out among the pine trees and meadows, he couldn’t have cared less.

Unfortunately, that was then. In the weeks since their breakup he had spent a lot of time remembering good times like that, trying to convince her to get back together, but nothing had worked. Now he was left with only memories of their past encounters to help speed his shift along. He could still remember their last time together, literally just before they broke up. He had gone over to Sheila’s place after work and found her fast asleep; after quickly showering to rid himself of the smell of popcorn, he slipped naked into bed behind her. One of the things that he liked about Sheila was that she slept in the nude, so as soon as he cuddled up behind her, his cock was right in place to rub against those sweet ass cheeks of hers. He slipped a hand under her arm and cupped her breast in her hand. Sheila didn’t have large tits, but Alex loved them — they were firm, absolutely gorgeous, and the nipples stood up at the drop of a hat. As he massaged her breast, rolling the hard nipple between his fingertips, Sheila woke up and he felt her push her backside against his quickly hardening penis. He maneuvered his hips so that his cock slipped between her buttocks; although he would have been happy to head down this road, Sheila had other ideas.

“Lick me,” she said simply, getting on her hands and knees and spreading her thighs widely. Alex took a second to admire the view: her full cheeks were parted slightly, exposing a sweet valley that led down to the dark slit of her pussy. Alex began to kiss her lower back, slowly working his way down to place soft kisses all over her buttocks and the backs of her thighs, pausing now and again to softly bite and suck. As his tongue neared her pussy, he inhaled deeply, appreciating the warm musk, and then began to wash her pussy with slow, strong strokes. She tasted terrific — sort of a sweet, salty mixture that Alex adored, and he shoved his tongue into her as far as he could, trying to taste every bit of her. He felt her quiver as he plowed aside her pussy lips, tickling her sweet pea and then sweeping back up to dive back deeply inside, her pussy now soaking with his saliva and her own wetness. Sheila dropped her shoulders down to the pillow, leaving her hips high — the cue that Alex knew well and had been waiting for.

He slowly drew his tongue away from her pussy and began kissing the back of her legs, working his way up to her buttocks as he ran his hands over her strong, smooth thighs. He gently spread her ass cheeks apart to better reveal the sensitive pink skin within, and began softly kissing the inner walls, earning a quiet purr from Sheila. Alex slipped his tongue up to the top of her buttocks and brushed strongly down between them, finally landing on her sweet hole. Sheila exhaled sharply as Alex began to stroke her asshole with his tongue, prodding and swirling, grabbing her hips and pulling him strongly to his face. He felt her legs tremble and her hole pulsed as he pressed against it with his tongue, trying to push his way inside. Alex slipped a hand up to squeeze her breast and found her nipple nicely erect. As he massaged her tit, Sheila covered his hand with hers and grabbed hard, pressing his flesh into hers, surprising Alex with how strongly she ground his hand into her breast. He slipped his tongue down from her ass and began to lick her pussy again, his face immediately drenched as he buried his nose between her lips and flicked his tongue over her clitoris. That was what she needed. After what seemed like only a few seconds, she grew rigid and began to grunt, the sound muffled by the pillow but still clearly heard. Alex loved that noise; when Sheila came, she emitted such deep, throaty grunts that she sounded like another person altogether. She sounded dirty. She sounded slutty. Alex loved it. As she calmed, he placed a final kiss on her butt and lay down next to her, his cock huge and ready for a treat.

After taking a minute to catch her breath, however, Sheila gathered the sheet around her body and turned to him. “I think we should see other people,” she said.


“I’m serious.”

“You have me lick out your ass and then tell me you’re breaking up with me? You’ve got to be kidding!”

She hadn’t been kidding, however. Worst. Breakup. Ever. He had talked to her for the rest of the day, trying to convince her to change her mind, but it was useless. She spent hours venting about every little thing he’d ever done wrong, pointing out every fault, and to top things off she called his student film “pretentious”. Pretentious. Even now it made him snort to remember that. Pretty big word for a girl who has never even seen a Kurosawa film.

Alex checked his watch. The next feature didn’t start for 45 minutes, so there probably wouldn’t be anybody coming in for tickets for a while. Time to go on patrol, he thought. He grabbed the flashlight and headed down the hall, checking all the theaters for contraband bottled soda, food brought from home, beer, whatever. Things went quickly until he got to the last theater, which he knew only had two customers inside: the old guy and the blonde. As Alex entered, he could see the old man fast asleep in his seat. The blonde, however, was harder to find in the darkness, and it took a while to see that she was reclining back in a double-wide seat at the top. Alex went up the side stairs and approached her from the side, wondering whether she was so low in the seat because she was trying to hide something.

He was right.

The blonde had opened her coat over the wide seat and was spread-eagle, buck naked, and working a vibrator in and out of her pussy. She was obviously enjoying herself — he could hear her ragged breathing even over the movie’s soundtrack, and the vibe was slick with pussy juice that shone in the low light of the theater. As he watched, she pulled the vibrator all the way out and slid it back in, and it became clear just how huge this thing was — easily ten inches if not longer, Alex thought. The blonde was gently teasing her clit with the other hand, with soft little strokes that reminded Alex of petting a kitty. While he would have loved to just watch her perform, he did have a job to do, and he reluctantly stepped forward and aimed his flashlight at the blonde.

“What’s going on here?” he barked. The blonde’s eyes shot open and she tried to cover herself, but the big floppy coat didn’t fully cooperate. Alex pointed his light on the woman’s crotch, which was still exposed. In her haste to cover herself, she hadn’t even removed the vibrator from her pussy. In the bright light of his flashlight, Alex now saw that the vibe had a swirly purple design. Classy, he thought.

“I knew you were trying to smuggle something in here,” he said, pointing at the vibe. “This is public indecency. I have to go call the cops.”

In retrospect, he couldn’t have known how the blonde would react when he said that, but he never expected this response: much to Alex’s surprise, the blonde opened her coat and showed him everything she had. He had been right about her — she was in great shape, with heavy tits and a golden sheen to her skin that almost glowed in the low light.

“If you go do that, then you’re going to miss the show,” the blonde said, pulling the vibrator from between her legs. She brought the vibe up to her lips and began to lick it clean — something Alex had never seen in person before and which made his cock immediately rock-hard.

“Well, maybe I don’t have to call them after all,” Alex said. Screw the job; he could always get another one.

“I didn’t think so,” the blonde said, and she reached out to grab him by the belt, pulling him close. As she undid his pants, freed his cock and slipped him into her mouth, a flood of thoughts went through his mind. He thought about the warmth of the woman’s mouth and how amazing it felt. He thought about turning her over right there in the theater and fucking her from behind. He was reminded of his first blowjob, which he’d also gotten in a movie theater years ago. He even thought about his boss finding him doing this and what the repercussions would be. What he thankfully didn’t think about — and which he wouldn’t think about for quite some time — was Sheila. It was going to be a great afternoon.

# # #

This story was originally published under another pen name.

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Laura Steele has been writing steamy erotica and romance for a decade. See her other stories, novels and collections on Amazon:

Scorch Hot Shots

Short-form steamy fiction from Scorch’s writers. Insta-heat, not insta-love. Well, okay, sometimes insta-love too.

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