Who Stole Our Game? The Fall & Fall of Irish Soccer

In the 1950s, League of Ireland grounds were packed to capacity every week. Yet, fifty years on, with more media attention and more money than ever being pumped into football, the Irish people have turned their backs on the game in this country.

How has the League of Ireland failed so spectacularly over five decades? While the international team is strongly supported, and the English Premiership is a national obsession, who is responsible for the fall and fall of the League of Ireland?

“Who Stole Our Game?” tries to find the answer. From mismanagement, pettiness and lack of foresight, to English soccer on TV and the rising dominance of the GAA, “Who Stole Our Game?” is a damning indictment of the officials and management of the FAI and the League of Ireland.

Based on interviews with players, managers, fans, club owners and officials, Daire Whelan’s book finds out why it was allowed to happen and what could have stopped the rot.

What happened needn’t have happened. More importantly, what does the future hold for Ireland’s own beautiful game? Or is it doomed to disappear altogether?