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Google Summer of Code: OpenMF Week 5

Google Summer of Code with SCoRe Lab: Week 5

Hola readers! In this blog, I will update you about my fifth-week coding period of Google Summer of Code with the SCoRe Lab organization. In case if you haven’t seen my proposal till now 😉 here is a link for that — My-GSoC-Proposal.

This week I worked on the analytics part of this project and created APIs respectively. Basically, the idea was to find common words between the two cases and the maximum word common between the cases with their frequencies.

Common words between two cases.
Maximum common word with frequency.

This will definitely help while studying any case in mobile forensics. As we can find if the culprit is involved with other cases or not. Also, we can find common chats, call logs, contacts, images, files, searched links, and locations too. Keyword search and finding common data between the cases play an important role in mobile forensics.

This week was also a little bit disappointing for me as my earlier pull requests were not even reviewed and also there were little fewer interactions in the community. 😅 Though it may possible that everyone is busy with their work this week and it may be merged by now when you are reading this blog.

In the next week, I have to work on some parts of creating an analytics engine and implementing my third, fourth, fifth, and sixth weeks work on the OpenMF frontend. I will try to complete my work as per my timeline and will keep updating you about my work through these blogs. So keep reading, sharing, and supporting. 😊

Till then if you haven’t read my previous blog here is a link for that: Google Summer of Code: OpenMF Week 4. 😊😀

See you soon!!😊

Github: swapnalshahil 👈

LinkedIn: swapnalshahil 🤘

Instagram: eulersgamma 😃



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Swapnal Shahil

Swapnal Shahil

GSoC’22 Mentor || GSoC’21 @SCoReLab || B.Tech at IIT Guwahati'23