Google Summer of Code: Week 15

Mehant Kammakomati
Aug 23, 2020 · 1 min read

This document is about the work I did as part of Google Summer of Code with SCoRe Lab during Week 15 and is the final week 🥺.

I am happy for the great suggestion from my Mentor Bhathiya, who said to document work daily. It’s completely clear and transparent by keeping an everyday log so writing up documentation at the end has not been a work at all right now.

Coming to the community outreach, I have been involved in sharing the weekly blogs and extra notes I made during the Google Summer of Code period through twitter, medium, my local coding community channels, and other such platforms. As my peers are already aware of my work, it was easy for me to explain to them how GSoC works and opportunities at SCoRe Lab. Additionally, I have also shared some interesting projects from LeopardsLab, Dunner project seems to interest them the most.

This will be my last week with the SCoRe Lab as a part of the GSoC program. The next week would go for report making and submission. I feel ecstatic to be part of this prestigious program and work with Bhathiya Perera so closely and do some major contributions to the SCoRe Lab community.

You can find me as Mehant Kammakomati at GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow

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