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GSoC 2020 with SCoRe Lab — Week 11

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tl;drThis is the twelfth article of my journey into the Google Summer of Code with SCoRe Lab. Here I discuss the week eleven (20th to 26th of July) of my GSoC experience.

Evaluations II is around the corner

Since evaluations II is around the corner, I had to finish the work I was assigned before the last day of submitting pull requests. It was a hectic week 🤣 but luckily I managed to complete my assignment and submit the pull request. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to convert the Firepad library to fit our ReactJS application. So what I did was, changed the functions included in the Firepad library to meet our exact use cases. The end result is an awesome real-time markdown editor where many people can collaborate and edit a document.

At first, understanding the Firepad code was somewhat difficult, since it was written in JavaScript before ES6 (ECMAScript 2015). There were no classes, but prototype inheritance for functions, and it was somewhat difficult to understand what was happening under the hood. However, I went through the code several times and read the documentation several times to understand what is happening.

Firepad uses Codemirror under the hood for the editor functionality and the Codemirror documentation was a really good source of knowledge for understanding what happens in Firepad.

Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I wrote some test cases using Cypress to test our web application and it was really fun to see the automation happening on a real browser 😁. So in the coming weeks, I will be enhancing the Firepad-CodeLabz realtime markdown editor with real-time previewing and editing features. So until we meet again, happy coding…



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