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GSoC 2021: A New Beginning

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I heard about GSoC at the start of my second year of college (2020) through my seniors and programming clubs that organized open-source events regularly and learned that it is an international program by Google to promote open-source culture among developers. I did not have much idea about Open-Source until then but having some sessions attended and searching more about the program. I found it fascinating and interesting because of how much people get to learn through such programs. So, I decided to give it hands-on.

Starting the Open-Source Journey

so, it begins

My Open-Source journey began in Dec 2020. After my college monsoon semester examinations were over, I randomly searched for projects and opportunities to start contributing. I was so fascinated to see the enormous number of wonderful projects developed by open-source contributions. Soon I realized the power of community in software development and started contributing to quite a few organizations.

SCoReLab was one of the major organizations to which I contributed significantly. I successfully set up the projects in my local system and started contributing to them in Jan 2021.

Selecting the Webiu project

I have been more inclined towards Web and App Development from the start itself. Given my skills in these domains, I found projects like Webiu of the SCoReLab organization quite interesting, and thus I decided to contribute significantly to this wonderful project. I started with resolving some of the minor issues, and then with the time being, I was able to fix quite a few bugs and introduce some new features.

When the GSoC 2021 idealist was announced, SCoReLab was selected as an organization, and it also featured ‘Webiu’ as a possible project. Thus I decided to prepare a student proposal for the same. I had submitted the draft proposal early on for the project and received some valuable feedback from the mentors. Finally, on 12 April, I submitted the final proposal and was waiting to announce the projects selected. 🤞

Contributing to the Project

Every contribution counts! You are always welcomed to contribute to any open-source organization. I started with small contributions, and with regular discussion and involvement in the community, I contributed significantly to the projects. You can view my pull requests here, and relevant issues for the same here.

The Moment of Truth: Proposal got Selected 🥳

Finally, It was the 17th of May 2021. I got a mail at 11:13 pm (+5:30) that my proposal for the Webiu project has been accepted at local time.

GSoC 2021 with the SCoReLab
I will spend my summer working on the Webiu project with SCoReLab

About the Webiu Project

Webiu is a “generalized website builder” which magnificently eases the essential process of getting a website up and running easily. The project provides almost all of the different sections required by a normal website as different reusable components. This project aims to add and implement new features and functionalities into the current project to make it more reusable and accessible and further ease building a website.

Creating a logo, improving current components functionally, developing new reusable components, refactoring and adding all the components to the current website, creating an NPM package for Webiu, writing NPM Scripts, testing the code, documenting the components using Storybook Js are some of the works (but not limited to) to be done this summer. The project, when implemented completely, will functionally improve the current project, increase the range of the project and make the components accessible to other developers to incorporate them for developing websites.

The community bonding period

Since then, the community bonding period has already started. According to the official GSoC timeline, it will last till the 7th of June, after which the official coding period will begin. I have been in constant touch with the project mentors and will now even get to know the community better. I will finalise the workflow, timeline, and project discussions with mentors, final setup of the project, and even do some coding if required. I will also be adding some standard templates and guidelines to the project directory to help new contributors and encourage them to contribute to the project. I am pretty sure that these 10 weeks will come out to be a really structured, exciting summer, and I will get a lot to learn.

The End for Another Beginning

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading me through!

Keep in touch to read more updates about the wonderful project, Webiu. I will keep posting stories regarding the project every week and any major updates for the same. Till then, Stay Safe and keep contributing!



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Yash Vardhan


GSoC’21 @ SCoRe Lab | M&C’24 at IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, India