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GSoC 2021 With SCoRe Lab: Week 10 (Final Week)

I hope you all are safe and healthy! I am writing this blog to share my experience of the final week of the official Coding Period of GSoC 2021 with SCoRe Lab.

So, here it comes! The final official coding week of Google Summer of Code 2021. What a memorable summer this has been for me. Starting out with open-source voluntarily and eventually falling in love with it, this journey has been quite remarkable for me.

Coming to the last week, as we had decided to complete most of our project within 9 weeks and leave one as a buffer, this week was more of wrapping things out and achieving an extra milestone as discussed with my mentor.

In case you haven’t checked out my previous weeks’ blogs yet, give them a read here where I had discussed what my project is about in brief and what all did I do in the last ten weeks!

What Did I do in the Final Week

We had already published the storybook visualization last week. This week, I focused more on recollecting and organizing things together and wrote some final documentation for the project. However, the major thing to do this week was to refactor a website built using webiu components. The website is of Leopards Lab, a sibling organization of SCoRe Lab. It is quite remarkable that this website is also built using only webiu components. However, this website was pre-filled with dummy data, APIs, and a simple webiu theme which I had to refactor. Overall, my work for this week could be summarized as -

  • Wrap up the webiu project, fix some minor bugs, and final documentation
  • Set up the Leopards Lab website directory and change the theme from webiu to leopards lab-specific
  • Add new GraphQL queries for rendering markdown data on the website
  • Add all the suggested sections e.g. projects, team, opportunities, blog, gitter rooms, gsoc 2021, etc.
  • Deploy the final Leopards Lab website using GitHub pages.
  • Write project wikis and reports for the final submission of code

Pull Requests, Commits, and Deployments

This week, I opened two pull requests in the Leopards Lab directory. One for the main branch and the other for the gh-pages. They can be found below for the implementation:

  • #1: Add original data and required queries to the Leopards Lab website
  • #2: Change the theme and deploy the final website to GitHub-pages

The visual version of the Leopards Lab website is deployed live here. It should be noted that it will soon move to its official domain as soon we create the CNAME for it.

Major Learning from This Week and Any Blockers

I had earlier worked with GraphQL queries but this was the first time that I was able to extract markdown data so extensively using those queries. It is quite fascinating that instead of conventional hard-coding the data in the same file, we are now able to extract huge chunks using these queries. I would recommend giving their documentation a play around and applauding the Gatsby for this!

This week, I did not encounter any major blocker and everything went smoothly as it was more of recollecting and organizing week :)

GSoC 2021 in a Nutshell for Me

Incredible! It is a word that can define my whole summer this year. I have been with one of the best communities this summer, have worked on a wonderful project, created something that will empower the community, and most important thing, learned a lot! I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this and I can assure you that there is no stopping soon. I will definitely keep contributing to the open-source and this project as well.

Important Links, Deployments, and Works for the Project

Please find attached important links, resources, and reports for the project below, you can always contribute to this project!

The End For Another Beginning

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading me through! You are also an integral part of this project and you know pretty much everything about this project if you have followed my blogs. You are always more than welcome to reach out to me anytime or to the project channel and give your valuable contributions to the project.

Keep in touch to read more updates about the wonderful project, Webiu. There are no intentions to stop soon from here. You will get regular updates about this project and more from me. Till then, Stay Safe and keep contributing. May the source be with you!



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