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GSoC 2021 with SCoRe Lab — Week 5

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tl;drThis is the sixth article of my journey into the Google Summer of Code 2021 with SCoRe Lab. Here I discuss week five (21st of June to 27th of June) of my GSoC experience.

What happened in week five stays in week five?

So last week, as I mentioned, I developed the user registration endpoint with the features of user input data sanitization and user registration email validation. So in this week, we had our meeting with the DNSTool developers and mentors. In the meeting, I pitched the idea of creating an email handler to send emails to the users. Since we need to maintain a good relationship with our clients, constant communication is a critical factor. So in order to keep our clients in the loop, we need to send emails with updates from time to time. Since the beginning of the user’s journey with us, we need to send emails. First, we have to send a welcome email upon registering with us. From that point onwards, we need to communicate any changes with our system or any changes the user needs to make to their personal data such as changing their passwords. So I implemented the email handler functionality with the usage of this wonderful Python Flask extension.

Flask-Mail is a wonderful extension to the Flask ecosystem, where we only need to configure several key constants such as the mail server, the mail port, the email sender’s address, the email sender’s password, and the setting to use either TLS or SSL. With the configuration of these settings, we are good to go. So with this mail extension, I implemented the welcome email handler. When a user is registered, they receive a welcome email from us 😁.

So in addition to this implementation, I was tasked with implementing a new endpoint to record user-initiated scans. Let’s call this endpoint, /scans endpoint. In this /scans endpoint, it takes a list of GCP-Regions and a list of DNS-Zones as a POST request body and it will be stored in the database.

With these implementations, submitted a PR,

and it got merged into the main repository.

So in the coming week, I will work further with the create and update scans endpoints, to enhance the features of our DNSTool-Middleware-API[API-Gateway] component 💪. Until we meet again, Happy coding…



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