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In Conversation: Dr Casey Handmer (’05) and Dr Christine Moran

Dr Casey Handmer (’05) and Dr Christine Moran joined us in the Patribus Room with some of our most gifted STEM students on October 21 2017. This event was a truly inspirational opportunity to bring back to Scots two exceptional thinkers whose transformational vision for humanity at large fits our vision to educate for the common good.

Speaking on a range of topics, Dr Handmer and his wife Dr Moran covered everything from questions of national sovereignty, to study patterns and to the best ways to set goals that are both transformative and enlightening. Powerfully, Dr Handmer delivered a call-to-arms for Scots boys to actively oppose discrimination in all its forms and to build a world that elevates the ‘brains’ of all — irrespective of the body which it inhabits.

Next year, we celebrate 125 Years of changing our world by graduating fine young men. While we look forward to the next 125 Years, what we do in the next decade will define education for centuries to come. The world is changing and the successful of tomorrow will be those whose ability to ‘know’ is surpassed only by their capacity to learn.

Dr Handmer reminded us that it is time that Australia asserted itself as a global leader in innovation and engineering. Together, we will build the capacity to innovate domestically with global impact; inspiring our boys to see a scientific future right here in Australia. Education — as experienced by past generations — is no longer fit for purpose. We stand on the edge of the greatest shift in work since the industrial revolution. Schools can no longer educate students for jobs that will not exist. We must educate boys for roles that haven’t even been imagined yet. Education needs its own revolution. Just as the Scots originally conceived education as a tool for timeless liturgical advancement, we see it as the ultimate way to serve the national wellbeing.

Seeking to find a place in this challenging world is no easy task — Scots boys are blessed to be able to draw on the experiences of those who went before them to help their decision-making. Institutionally, we are blessed to have a community of knowledge to draw on to enrich our understanding of matters nationally and globally.

Hearing from an exceptionally distinguished Scots Old Boy who is at the forefront of crucial scientific projects that will change the world was inspiring. Whether it’s been his academic work at CalTech, his time at NASA or now at Hyperloop — Dr Handmer has shown us all what it is to lead with a brave heart and a bold mind.

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