Meet the team — Zachary

It’s a pleasure to be working with the Old Boys’ Union on our shared strategic direction and digital projects.

I graduated from The Scots College in 2016 and have joined the Alumni Relations Office team in an offsite capacity.

My role includes supporting the President of the Old Boys’ Union in fulfilling his constitutional, ceremonial and administration functions along with providing direction for our digital transformation agenda. These projects are:

  • Databases and reports
  • Old Boy communications and social media
  • Systems support
  • Online community administration
  • Documents management
  • Foundation liaison matters

In addition to supporting the President and our digital transformation agenda, Oliver and I work closely on the general administration of the Alumni Relations Office. In dealing with one of us, you are dealing with both of us.

We are always eager to hear your feedback on how Alumni Relations engages with you. Should you wish to get in touch with me, please contact me here.