Starting the process. Strategic Plan 2017 and beyond

In 2017, the Old Boys’ Union will commence a review of the Strategic Plan: 2014 that underpinned a period of significant success for the Old Boys’ Union.

After reviewing the current strategic documents, the General Committee will consult widely on new initiatives to increase the relevance of the Old Boys’ Union. Ultimately, this will culminate in three new documents:

  • Strategic Overview: 2017 and Beyond
  • Strategic Intent: 2017 and Beyond
  • Strategic Plan: 2017 and Beyond

Regular updates on our strategic planning will be posted to this page and gazetted in The Lion & Lang Syne from time to time.

Strategic Plan 2014

Informed by direct input from our graduates, the Strategic Plan: 2014 was a document directly infused with the views of our community. It was created to provide direction to Union operations and to help us bring together the Old Boys.

Ratified in April 2014, the Strategic Plan articulated the following:

Vision Statement

“To realise the College motto ‘O that we may be worthy of our forefathers’ by being an outstanding, relevant and valued alumni, by connecting the College community with the Old Boys and supporting fellow Old Boys in their connections with each other throughout Australia and overseas”

Old Boys’ Union Objects

  1. To bring together the Old Boys
  2. To promote reunions of Old Boys’ and other functions
  3. To promote and support the College
  4. To encourage and foster the connection between the College and the Union
  5. To present awards and prizes including the Honour Cap and other forms of recognition
  6. To award bursaries and scholarships
  7. To arrange and support sporting and cultural events with the College
  8. To further the interests of the Union and the College in every possible way

Old Boys’ Union Strategic Goals

  1. Increase active engagement of members to foster lasting relationships
  2. Increase attendance and support for Old Boy and College activities
  3. Effectively communicate with Old Boys and the College community
  4. To keep Old Boys connected to the College
  5. To provide an effective re-union program throughout Australia and overseas
  6. Support Old Boys’ business and career progression with networking and mentoring
  7. Support students of the College with relevant careers guidance and subsequent mentoring
  8. Facilitate personal and family support to Old Boys when required
  9. To be financially able to arrange and fund ongoing scholarships and bursaries for sons’ of Old Boys in financial need
  10. To run relevant fundraising campaigns to support the goals of the Old Boys’ Union
  11. To foster and support the College traditions and core values by providing student awards
  12. To promote a culture where Old Boys will view Scots as the first choice of school for their son

Old Boys’ Union Pillars


Effective implementation of strategy
Effective coordination and planning
Effective succession planning
Strong relationship with College
Strong relationship with Council
Ongoing liaison with other school Alumni

Alumni Reunions

Effective reunion program
Supporting and strengthening regional reunions
Supporting and strengthening Interstate reunions
Supporting and strengthening Overseas reunions

Events & Activities

Organising & increasing attendance at OBU events
Increasing OB attendance and support at other relevant College events and activities
Increasing attendance at College sporting events


Organising the OBU Annual Dinner
Organising the Clansman Luncheon
Organising the Chieftains Luncheon
Organising the OBU ‘Long Lunch’
Supporting the organisation of the Vintage Luncheon


Engaging with the College Foundation
Organising OBU Scholarships
Effective management and control of the OBU accounts
Develop financial capability to meet OBU Strategic Goals

Mentoring & Networking

Providing effective careers advice to College Years 10–12 students
Providing effective careers advice for younger Old Boys
Providing networking for Old Boys
Organising support to OB’s in need


Developing and keeping current the Old Boy database
Maintaining and building OBU Archives
Keeping OBU records and information up to date and easily accessible
Maximising student membership in OBU


Raising the image and profile of the OBU
Ensuring effective communications utilising all appropriate media
Ensuring the website is effective and current
Ensuring interesting articles for Lang Syne
Support to Pillar Committees