Scott Smith Discusses the Importance of Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of a successful businesses. It can be the foundation of a business’ growth or downfall and should always be the number one priority of owners, managers and all employees. With many markets being saturated with new products and services, and with selling continuing to expand online and in other digital forms, businesses can still separate themselves by providing world-class customer service. This means going above and beyond for the customer — not just to provide them a service or product, but an experience. Scott Smith of Saratoga Springs owns and operates Cobra Firing Systems has served over 10,000 customers across 100 different countries, it is easy to see why he is an expert in customer service. To shed some light into the importance of customer service Scott A. Smith provided these essential reasons.

Good Customer Service Provides Value

Customer service starts in an obvious place — with the customer. Going above and beyond for the customer, while treating them with the respect they deserve, provides value to your business. This includes answering their questions, exceeding their expectations and making them feel like they’re making the right choice by buying from you. According to Scott Smith too often, customers are turned off by businesses that don’t respect their needs and opinions — these are the businesses that only care about making sales and moving on to the next customer. Further stating, that customers are intelligent and can spot a business that only cares about the bottom line easily and consciously choose not to support them.

Scott Smith says that providing good customer service provides value for your business overall.

Retaining Customers

Customer service is a great way to retain clients because it allows you to build a trustworthy relationship. If a customer knows your business will treat them like a human and not a number, they are more likely to return for repeated business. Scott Smith says that in addition a loyal customer base will put you at ease because you can more accurately forecast demand and count on their business month after month. You will spend less time chasing down new customers and more time improving your services and products. In fact, when satisfied customers become reoccurring buyers, your business will grow through word of mouth, when people like something, they tend to tell their friends and families. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe personal recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising, excellent customer service leads to Word of Mouth Marketing.

Avoiding Bad Reviews That Could Lead to Failure

Years ago, a business’ bad reputation got around by word-of-mouth, and this would take months — sometimes years — to truly damage a business. Technology has been a major advancement in the service industry, customers can post meaningful and impactful reviews on your customer service online. Scott Smith explains that part of the issue with this technology advancement is that customers who are unhappy have a voice that can be heard by any potential customer with an internet connection. It is strongly advised that negative feedback is handled properly and quickly, customers who see a business that is engaging with customer feedback and attempting to resolve a complaint are more willing to try out the business. A poorly handled complaint can quickly ruin a local business.

Cutting Back on Employee Turnover

Working for an employer that provides excellent customer service allows employees to feel appreciated for their contributions to the business. Open and honest communication encourages new ideas, sparks creativity and allows everyone to work with the mindset of putting customers first. Employees are more likely to stick with a business that values customer service and open communication — even in times of turmoil, recession and challenges — because they feel appreciated and comfortable.

Scott Smith’s Final Thoughts

The importance of customer service for a successful business should be evident by now — it provides a tangible benefit to your customers, helps to retain customers, mitigate negative reviews, and increase employee moral and retention. If you consciously practice excellent customer service, your business will start to visualize the associated benefits.

Scott A. Smith

Scott Smith is the founder and CEO of Cobra Firing Systems, a designer and manufacturer of firing systems for pyrotechnic shows. Scott Smith lives in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Scott Smith

Written by

Scott A. Smith of Saratoga Springs, New York is a serial entrepreneur and engineer. He is founder and CEO of Cobra Firing Systems.

Scott A. Smith

Scott Smith is the founder and CEO of Cobra Firing Systems, a designer and manufacturer of firing systems for pyrotechnic shows. Scott Smith lives in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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