So Many Platforms, So Little Time…

The more technology advances, the more options we have, but also less time to interact with it. Technology is supposed to make things easier, better, and faster.

There are great benefits to having a vast array of choices, however, for many people having too many options can be daunting.

As soon as you’re accustomed to one new technology, a new one pops up and either replaces the former or competes directly with it. Look at Periscope and Meerkat, for example.

These live-streaming services were not heard of a month ago and now they are neck and neck, competing for viewers.

Since there are so many platforms, we’re seeing a fragmentation of the marketplace. In the past, you only needed to turn on the one family television or radio to consume your desired media.

Today, this isn’t the case.

With services like Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo TV, Amazon, and a myriad of on-demand sites, consumers can pick and choose where, and when, to watch their favorite shows and movies.

Each service has its own merits and draw backs, however, giving consumers a choice in the matter is a step in the right direction.

This does create certain challenges for content creators as they now have very specific audiences.

One great opportunity for content creators is that they can now create very specific content rather than attempting to reach as large of an audience as possible.

The hope is that because there is more competition in the market, the quality of content will improve.

Where the game was to get the biggest audiences and spread the widest net, now, because of this market fragmentation, content creators need to focus on depth.

By providing the audience with more value, it is more likely that the audience will stay loyal. Since there are so many choices today in what viewers watch, competition for those viewers is going to only intensify.

Value, is the name of the game, one in which the viewers will ultimately win.

My question for you is — Where are you consuming your favorite show(s) right now?

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