What Does One Write About in Their First Blog?

Scott Howard
Aug 18, 2016 · 3 min read

by Scott Howard

Some people might say they have nothing to write about. I feel like I have too many subjects to write about… at least enough for a few books! However, this is my first blog post. So, what should I write about?

And how can my blog gain any attention with all of the events getting media attention in our world? It’s mid-August 2016. We have a summer Olympics happening in Brazil. A crazy, controversial Presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is getting absurd publicity, attention and public opinion. And there are always politics, sports, current events and personal interests grabbing their audience attention.

My intentions in writing a blog is to entertain, inform, inspire and benefit you. So I suppose I should begin by telling you about me, and how I might entertain, inform, inspire and benefit you!

As a child with a vivid imagination and an artistic talent, I was destined to become an illustrator and graphic designer. I’ve been fortunate to have a successful career as an art director with a few corporations, advertising agencies and in my own business. www.MyScottArt.com

Some of my many interests and influences have included comics, animated cartoons, movies, a love of reading (science-fiction fantasy, biographies and self-development), positive-thinking, the power of our minds, psychology, philosophy, sociology, logic, advertising & marketing, writing, communications, relationships, speaking, and growing up during the hippie generation! I also have a strong interest in children’s charities and services which benefit children’s health, education, and encourage positive child development.

In 2007 I asked myself, “What can I do to make a difference in our world, especially with my art?” The answer came in the idea for a one-of-a-kind book. Combining almost all of those earlier influences, I spent over 5 years and 5,000 hours creating “Artsy Ant Alphabet Art Adventures”. www.ArtsyAntBook.com

While working on the book, I attended workshops, read and studied how to become a successful author. One common suggestion kept popping up, “To become a successful author, you should become a competent speaker. This led to Toastmasters. I also became a member of CEOSpace for business training and connections, and National Speaker Association to network and learn with other professional speakers. I studied and became a professional speaker. www.ScottHowardSpeaks.com

This gives me a lot to write about. I hope that some of my experiences will allow me to provide entertaining stories, inspiring information, tips, quotes and share topics of common interests. To do this, I request your feedback and interaction. Give me ideas. Tell me what subjects you would like to discuss. If I feel that I can add value to the conversation and to you, I will write about it. If my knowledge and experience with a particular subject is limited, I won’t hesitate to admit it.

In closing, I once heard it said that “Life is like a bowl of cereal; what isn’t fruits and nuts is flakes!” I guess if I’m going to deliver servings of blog, perhaps I can see myself as the spoon.

Hmmm, I wonder, “What does one write about in their second blog?”

Scott Howard Speaks

Scott Howard is a successful graphic designer, illustrator…

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