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Scot edu reform: Attainment Challenge

The Scottish Attainment Challenge is a way to improve “equity and attainment” by directly funding schools deemed in need of extra resource in “Challenge Authorities” bypassing the traditional Local Authority route. It has been criticised for being only certain geography and within that side by side schools with equivalent catchments have not been receiving the same. To address this the Pupil Equity Funding has been just introduced where “Almost all schools in Scotland will benefit, it is being allocated by the number of pupils who qualify for free school meals. It will be given to individual schools to be used by head teachers at their discretion.”

Today there is a row about the allocation of this new tranche: the biggest amount of the money is to go to Glasgow; Nancy Clunie, one of the lucky school’s head teachers, hailed the sums as “colossal”. The document listing the amounts per school is “redacted” where “ revealing the allocation level may be disclosive to individuals”. In Aberdeen’s case this can be easily calculated to be £625000 for 6 schools about an order of magnitude greater than those receiving the lowest amounts. Equity, hmmm …..




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