ScotEduReform: Aberdeen Empathy

Aberdeen has problems: London prices, low Oil price, expensive homes but more importantly a teacher shortage. John Swinney came to the Aberdeen Learning Festival yesterday and kicked towards the long grass as he promised more teaching places next year. There was something in the SNP blurb about getting teachers in other ways — prayer is maybe more effective.

I am sure he is sincere in believing that the coalition is working towards the local election victory they seek, particularly in Glasgow or should that be Strichen. The latter is the home of Alex Salmond who ousted John Swinney & eventually replaced himself with the new leader of the party: Nicola Sturgeon, from Glasgow.

Meanwhile we have the local Labour party jumping the gun and getting the first all Digital moving display board. “Judge us on our record”, it proclaims. So long as its not the number of potholes — I predict a bumpy road ahead hereabouts: sympathy/empathy/more likely apathy