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Scottish plans for edu reform: Union’s view

In the past weeks there have been news reports on a procession of stakeholders against the SNP government’s educational reform proposals. Yesterday(ish) this article in the Times concluded with input from the union Unison, representing the support staff at the bottom: “Cutting hours and not replacing staff means job losses are less likely to get noticed outside school. But these cuts still damage our children’s education inside school.”

The teaching union EIS, however, is the main player. Their response to the request for input on governance is possibly the longest: “Empowering Teachers, Parents and Communities to Achieve Excellence and Equity in Education”. The unsurprising focus is on the words “Empowering Teachers”: eg in the document they advocate distributed teacher management of schools. At a meeting of the EduSkills subcommittee of the Scottish Parliament broadcast on TV: w Larry Flanagan chair of the @EISUnion carried on his anti Education Scotland campaign.


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