A Story about Storytelling

How iFactory crafts a story with the power of web design

iFactory addresses the audience at Scout’s first event of Fall 2018./ Photo by Emma Kanchanawat

Whether it’s on the pages of a book or the pages of the web, storytellers have always worked to convey their visions through the medium at hand. Coming up with a story is undoubtedly a challenge within itself; but the delivery of the narrative is a crucial process that serves as the true determinant for reach and impact to an audience. Enter iFactory, a Boston web design agency that harnesses design concepts to tell their clients’ stories in captivating ways.

iFactory provides web platforms for organizations that want to share their stories with the world. With clients in higher education such as Dartmouth College, and nonprofit groups including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, iFactory seeks to match the online presence of each client with their true spirit and individual mission. During their visit, the creative team at iFactory was able to breakdown just how this process comes together, from early brainstorming to full site implementation.

To help demonstrate how their projects come to life, iFactory presented a case-study overview of one of their university clients. After taking the time to get to know the client and understanding their story, iFactory works through a design progression — utilizing personas, sitemaps, design strategy & art direction, and wireframes — to craft a web solution. Throughout this process, the team ensures that the visuals and interactive language on the site is individual to the distinctive story that represents the university as a whole. Once the client chooses from a few design options they are presented with, the digital language and layout are established for the rest of the project’s development. Team collaboration and innovation weave together the remaining pieces, to present a moving story to take to the web.

Students of all ages and disciplines came to see iFactory present./ Photo by Emma Kanchanawat

iFactory highlighted that the best work comes to fruition when design, UX, and content all complement one another to present ideas with an impact. A story can be told most effectively when its message is thoughtfully represented through design, and when the audience can experience this story in a positive and authentic way.

Finally, enter Jane Austen, a great storyteller herself, with this quote that I retrofitted in order to sum up today’s tale: “it is a truth universally acknowledged that all stories in the possession of a good message must be in want of good design.” Yes, I did replace “single man”, “fortune”, and “wife” in the opening line of Pride and Prejudice with “stories”, “message”, and “good design” to demonstrate a more modern and relevant universal truth. But who can argue against the power of design in elevating a compelling story to be shared? After an enlightening visit from iFactory, we certainly can’t.

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