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As purveyors of design on varying scales, we’re all about visual appeal

The Pudding is essentially a virtual newsroom that curates illustrative stories that revolve around culturally significant topics. They attract college-going millennials who regularly indulge in their ‘TL;DR’ habits (outside the numerous pages of assigned reading for class).

The organisation believes that visual elements provide a better hook alongside entertaining topics that appeal to a modern audience.

For example: In a piece labeled as ‘The Language of Hip-Hop’, the Pudding researched into the lyrical similarities found across the work of successful rappers/rap groups.

Who would’ve thought statistical analysis and machine learning could go hand in hand with pop culture?

They adhere to three basic tenets when it comes to their data visualisation:

  1. Long Shelf Life — Curation is focused on longevity of content, so as to discuss ideas and topics that will be highly significant moving forward
  2. Advance Public Discourse — Shedding light on new data or adopting a different perspective on present data as a means to add substance to the conversation
  3. Craft — Push the envelope of design & visual storytelling

The team primarily consists of Russel, Amber and Illia working in the polygraph (their design studio). Russel has worked for The Boston Globe and has an MFA in interactive media, Amber is a marine biologist by trade and Illia pivoted towards data journalism during the course of the career.

“Prose relies on characters while visuals rely on data”

The creative process begins with data because exciting datasets pave way for great stories. Using Google to track trending terms shapes up a firm story intertwined with factual data. These stories don’t necessarily have to follow a strict theme, only something that resonates with an audience or is inherently unique.

The Pudding Process

Here are some other cool projects that this organisation has worked on:

“How Music Taste Evolved”
“Hollywood’s Gender Divide & It’s Effects On Films”

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