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WDD: Public Art

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Meet Catherine Clarke.

Hi, my name is Catherine and I’m a 4th-year Graphic and Information Design major! I am the conference director for this year’s Interventions event in APRIL! This is my first semester with Scout and I am so thrilled to be a part of this community.

I am so passionate about public art. Growing up, I started a guerrilla art group where we would create monthly secret installations for the community to discover and enjoy. It really helped build a safe and creative community in my city and continues to meet to this day! I have some of my favorite projects featured on my website.

I love projects that are low waste, accessible, and inclusive. Here are a few projects by other designers that I’ve been excited about.

Pirate Printers

Based in Berlin, the Raubdruckerin (or pirate printers) are a street art group that utilize existing textures in the city landscape such as manhole covers and sewer grates for printmaking. It’s important to use eco-friendly inks and clean up after if you wish to try this project!

Building Hopes by Giorgia Lupi

Italian designer Giorgia Lupi is known for her contributions to the art of data, and this project opens visualization to the public through augmented reality. The app “lets people create physical structures in the world: data sculptures made of balancing rocks that represent the ideas, concepts, movements they are hopeful for.” The project is in collaboration with Google and search trends and allows users to select topics they are hopeful about and represent them as a stacked rock tower. It’s a unique take on a public art installation because it exists in the digital realm but still interacts with the physical world.

Set in the Street by Justin Bettman

Photographer Justin Bettman collects abandoned furniture and materials to build intricate “rooms” in public streets. He hosts professional photoshoots and then leaves the sets for the public to interact with. Project include a bubblegum pink barbershop next to the Berlin wall and a 1960’s style living room in the middle of Times Square. These photos contribute to an interesting conversation about perception and experience design.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!




Northeastern University's student-led design studio

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Northeastern University’s student-led design studio.

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