Now anyone can create their very own Scout FM station

Listen to all of your podcasts hands-free in your car and on smart speakers with personal Scout FM stations

Cara Meverden
Dec 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Today, we are extremely excited to launch the new Station Creator. In addition to listening to dozens of hand-curated stations, now anyone can make their own personal Scout FM stations from their favorite podcasts, either from Scout FM or anywhere else they discover podcasts. Just like with the current curated Scout FM stations, the personal stations automatically update with the newest episodes and sort themselves based on what you really listen to.

When we first launched Scout FM, our goal was to make listening to podcasts much, much easier. Like traditional radio, Scout FM stations just start playing, which makes them very easy to use for people new to podcasts or people frustrated with podcast discovery. Scout FM’s hand-curated stations play the best podcasts and radio shows around interests and genres like the news, true crime or mindfulness. This is very different from the other podcast apps where you find and subscribe to individual shows, and managing subscriptions can quickly become overwhelming.

Since our launch in May, our listeners have gone from podcasts novices to podcast experts, and we’ve started to hear the same request over and over again:

“Thanks for this great podcast app, hope you can add manual created podcast station function!”

“I like your curation. But I still know what I like better than you do. I’d like to add specific shows.”

We’ve listened to our users, and starting today, you can find the Station Creator in the main menu of the Scout FM apps on Android and iPhone. Our beta testers so far LOVE it.

“I love the idea of creating my own station! That’s by far the coolest update yet on this app. Props to whomever had this brilliant idea, and to the team that was able to execute it so well.”

“Really great function!! Please keep going!!”

How to Create a Station

The Station Creator is simple and easy to use.

First, give your station its own name, icon, and color scheme — our new wizard makes this fun and easy.

Second, add your favorite podcasts. You can search by title or topic with the new Show Browser. For power users, they can also import shows from other podcast apps or the web.

Once you have created a station, Scout FM does all the work for you. The station will automatically pick up new episodes and then play them in the order of your fondness to the show based on your listening habits. You can add or remove shows at any time.

Now that you have your own station, you can listen to Scout FM in the following ways:

  • Alexa with the Scout FM skill. Use voice commands like “Alexa, tell Scout FM I love this” and “Alexa, ask Scout FM to change the station”

The Station Creator allows podcast fans to create and listen to stations in infinite combinations of genres, topics or moods. With more than 600,000 podcasts in the world, we can’t wait to see what they create.

Check it out, and let us know what you think! To learn more visit, and we’d love for you try Scout FM for yourself: Alexa | iOS | Android

Scout FM

Podcasts as easy as radio

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Scout FM

Scout FM

Podcasts as easy as radio