Different Country, Same Passion @Scout24: Meet Predrag Stanic

Oct 21 · 3 min read

Predrag Stanic works as Lead Engineer in the Customer Experience Group and he is originally from Serbia. We talked to him about his experience and the challenges in moving to Germany, his work at ImmoScout24 and the languages he speaks.

Hello Predrag, where are you originally from and what is your job at ImmoScout24?

Predrag: I’ve moved to Germany from Novi Sad, a town in northern part of Serbia. I am currently working as Lead Engineer in the Customer Experience Group.

How many languages do you speak?

Predrag: My native language is Serbian, and it is the primary language that I use when I’m talking with friends and family back in Serbia. I also understand most of the languages from former Yugoslavia and can easily communicate with people from the Western Balkans.

At work, I use English, and this has been my primary work language for the whole of my career, as I’ve been working for international clients before joining ImmoScout24. Finally, I am learning German and can understand and use the language for basic communication.

What has been the biggest challenge moving to and working in a new country such as Germany?

Predrag: The biggest challenge was finding a more permanent living space, as I had a temporary rented flat even before I moved. Luckily, a colleague from ImmoScout24 helped me out when he found that there is a free apartment in the building. Additionally, finalising all the paperwork after moving can be overwhelming; luckily, I had help from friends in this as well.

How does your individual background influence your work at ImmoScout24?

Predrag: My previous job was for a consultancy company, and I was mostly involved with the technical part of our customer’s business. At ImmoScout24, the team can rely on my technical experience and expertise, while I am learning a great deal about other aspects of our business. This is a refreshing challenge and a great growth opportunity. Additionally, I am helping our younger engineers by coaching and helping them expand their technical knowledge.

What do you enjoy about your job here at ImmoScout24?

Predrag: I enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world. With such a diverse team, I can always learn some fascinating details about traditions and customs in different parts of the world.

Which advice do you have for someone who wants to move to Germany or who just recently moved to Germany?

Predrag: Start looking for the apartment well in advance as it takes time and a bit of luck to find your perfect home. Also, learning basics of German language will help a lot in daily life in Germany.

Comparing ImmoScout24 to other employers you had in the past, what distinguishes our company from them?

Predrag: For me personally, the main difference is the international team that we have at ImmoScout24. It provides a unique experience to our daily work and different perspectives when dealing with work challenges. This diversity makes it easier and more fun to achieve success. I’d also like to single out the personal growth opportunity that goes beyond technical and engineering knowledge. Since joining ImmoScout24, I’ve learned a lot about business aspects other than engineering.

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