Infinity — our compute platform

Infinity — an introduction

  • Efficient load balancing with AWS Load balancers
  • Human readable DNS records with auto-secured connections
  • Auto-scaling on CPU utilisation
  • Auto-ingestion of logs, metrics, and events to central solutions
  • Integration with Datadog and Cloudwatch
  • Automated dashboards, SLOs, and baseline alarms
  • Distributed trace collection and publication to Datadog
  • Metrics and Tracing (Datadog and metrics-server)
  • Cross-account AWS service access via IAM roles (KIAM)
  • Logging (fluentd)
  • Backups (velero)
  • Certificate generation and management (cert-management)
  • AWS Load Balancer management (AWS Load Balancer controller)
  • DNS management (CoreDNS and external-dns)
  • Cluster scaling (cluster-auto-scaler)
  • Architecture Overview
  • Infinity Service Kubernetes Components
  • Infinity Service AWS account structure
  • Connecting to AWS services
  • Scaling Infinity Services
  • Monitoring Infinity Services

Architecture Overview

  • The Service Token — The SNS topic that is the entry-point of the Infinity platform
  • The Service Name — The name of the Infinity service
  • The Image Name — A fully qualified docker image
  • The Tags — Required for compliance and cost allocation
  • How long did it take for the service operation?
  • Did the service update or did the operation create a new service?
  • Did the operation fail or was it successful?
  • Was the CloudFormation specification valid?
  • A Deployment — To create the Pods
  • A Horizontal Pod Autoscaler — To handle scaling
  • An Ingress — To communicate with everything
  • A Pod Disruption Budget — To ensure minimum availability of the service
  • A Replica Set — To guarantee the availability of x number of Pods for the Infinity service
  • A NodePort Service — To ensure connectivity to the Infinity service Pods
  • Labels — To uniquely name the Infinity service. These also act as selectors for all the resources listed above

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