Making Nature’s Call Nature-Friendly

It is a usual sight in Indian cities to have open channels carrying waste water along the streets, which is not only problematic but also poses a threat to the health of the people living in those areas. Untreated waste is responsible for diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid, that take the lives of many. According to the 2011 Census data, 49.8% of Indians defecate in the open. In about 80% of the rural households, the average water supply is less than 5 gallons a day and over 70% of households do not have access to toilets or a sewer system. India has a huge sanitation problem, but Banka Bioloo has an innovative solution.

Banka Bioloo was incorporated in 2012 by Namita Banka to solve India’s biggest problem of clean water and sanitation. It promotes and develops innovative environment friendly products and services for human waste management systems. Namita faced a lot of problems earlier in life due to lack of proper sanitation facilities, which inspired her to work in this field. Banka Bioloo provides bio-toilets and bio-tanks that use bio-digester technology, a cost-effective solution that recycles waste. The bioloo is a regular structure with a toilet bowl, but attached to the bowl is a bio-digester tank that contains bacteria-embedded sheets. Once the human waste interacts with the bacteria, it takes two or -three days to decompose, and gets converted into carbon dioxide, methane and water. Methane can be used as fuel and the recycled water can be used for gardening. Banka Bioloo offers services like manufacturing, supplying and installation of bio-tanks, rentals and Annual Maintainance Contract (AMC) of mobile biotoilets, and consultancy for development of large bio tanks. In addition, they provide waste water treatment and recycling solutions.

The toilets can be set up anywhere — at construction sites or public places, in rural housing, urban slums, train stations, or wherever sewer lines are not available. They dispose of waste in a more eco-friendly manner, conserving water and producing bio-gas while providing access to sanitation where it wasn’t available before. The company has won many awards, including the prestigious Sankalp 2013 Healthcare, Water and Sanitation Award. In the future, the founder has plans to provide bio-toilets in Africa. In addition, Banka Bioloo plans to collect the biogas and sell it for household use like heating and cooking. It is also working to recycle and rescue more water, and wants to sell natural bio-gas as fertilizer to rural areas. Banka Bioloo aims to make nature’s call a more nature-friendly one.

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