This Video Game Generates Solar Energy for Haiti

With 1.2 billion gamers around the world, the gaming industry is seeing more growth than ever, spanning gaming apps on mobile devices, computer games, and traditional gaming consoles. It has become a fully immersive, social experience that connects people from all over the globe within shared virtual reality experiences. GoodXGames has brought virtual reality to reality in their newest gaming app, the Solar Games. Fifty percent of the profits from the Solar Games are used to finance solar solutions. Those profits are allocated towards financing entrepreneurial and training programs to bring solar energy to the country of Haiti.

While working in Haiti, the founders of GoodXGames, Bradley Bulifant and Valerie Gamache, learned first hand that 75% of people do not have access to electricity. As a result, in 2010, GoodXGames was formed. The team at GoodXGames has aimed to make a difference through games, entertainment, and sustainable development. GoodXGames has built an impact program that channels in-game spending funds to support energy training and micro-financing for solar technology for people without access to electricity. The programs support solar energy for schools and medical clinics, in addition to solar lighting, and clean cook stoves. GoodXGames has partnered with successful and proven, solar access organizations to help implement clean energy solutions. Organizations such as EarthSpark International, the Solar Electric Light Fund and Haiti Energie all work to support Haitian entrepreneurs with financing and training programs to start their own solar businesses. Organizations also work to assist consumers in solar installation management, technical support, and impact feedback for players and partners.

User gameplay of the Solar Game essentially works to transform Haiti both in the game and in reality, allowing gamers to affect real change through video games. The Solar Games takes a gamer into the virtual Haiti, allowing players to race for carbon points to upgrade to more efficient solar vehicle parts and power up settings. It provides a fun and innovative game that fosters a global, multiplayer community complete with league play and impact leaderboards that show the games biggest change makers. This past year, GoodXGames accepted a formal commitment to action from the Clinton Global Initiative, which pledged them to provide at least 13,630 solar and clean cooking solutions benefitting 70,300 people. Geo-tagged data of solar solutions and beneficiaries show gamers and impact partners the impact from their gameplay and participation. Joining GoodXGames’ solar quest transcends into a real quest for energy for Haiti.

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