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Preschools (kindergartens) COVID Challenges

Kindergartens struggling amid the COVID situation
  1. Family Health Update: Parents should have access to a communication channel that can help to notify family members, schools and neighbours.
  2. Full Body Clothes: kid’s body should be covered as much as possible. Hand gloves, full-body length dress and mask should be made mandatory.
  3. Say No to Sharing: So far preschools have been teaching the value of sharing to kids. However, COVID has changed the meaning of sharing. Special care has to be taken during play & lunchtime. A fixed group should be formed to minimize the number of exposed children. Any group activity should be limited to this fixed group.
  4. Avoid Public Transportation: Parents must understand the criticality of the situation and avoid public transportation for pick up and drop-off. Parents should drop-off and pick up their children in their private vehicle. Preschools and kindergartens should discourage school vans.
  5. Child Ratio: Social distancing seems impossible to observe in an environment where kids play, mingle and learn. But limiting the number of children in a group will surely help social distancing and reduce the exposure area. This will not eliminate the social distancing but monitoring a child’s activity will become easy.
  6. Awareness Among Children: Children’s minds are more inquisitive and they learn fast. It is much easier for parents to teach their kids health safety measures. Children can use their learning at school to keep themselves safe.



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