Scratch Track for iOS is here!

Scratch Track is a simple, yet powerful recording app made for recording, editing, and sharing song ideas with bandmates.

How Scratch Track works

Recording is super simple
We strive to make the recording experience simple and elegant because capturing a song idea doesn’t mean you should be required to learn complicated recording software.

Keep your songs ideas organized
No more digging through emails or text messages to find the demo somebody sent last month. You can setup as many bands as you like so you can keep your ideas organized to your liking.

Your song ideas are private
All of your song ideas are kept private between you and your bandmates.

Never lose a song idea again
Once you create a free Scratch Track account, we’ll instantly and securely back up your ideas on the cloud. If you lose or break your phone, you’ll never have to worry about your ideas disappearing. Simply log into Scratch Track on your new phone and BOOM…your song ideas are there waiting for you. Everyone gets 40 mins of storage for free. If you need more space, check out Scratch Track Premium to get 100 hours of storage for just $3.99 monthly.

Everyone in your band has the same library of song ideas
No need to text message or email a song idea to share it. As soon as a bandmate uploads a new song, the other bandmates will instantly be able to listen.

Add filters to customize your sound
Just because you’re recording a quick demo doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality. Choose one of our pre-made filters or use custom EQ to fine tune the clarity of your song ideas.

Why we made Scratch Track

The concept for Scratch Track came from years of playing in DIY/punk bands, where musicians are always adapting to the latest, cheapest recording tools for capturing basic ideas. In recent years, we’ve found ourselves and many others relying heavily on the Voice Memo app (a simple recording tool that comes pre-installed on the iPhone). Capturing new ideas with Voice Memo was incredibly easy, but unfortunately, everything after that was a struggle. Song ideas were disorganized, listening back meant filing through text messages or emails, playback would stop if your phone auto-locked, and occasionally, ideas would just be lost forever. After much whining and complaining, we realized that this wasn’t just a problem for our bands, but it was affecting musicians at every level (even Metallica great Kirk Hammett had to face the bitter reality of storing all of his precious song ideas on a single device).

For musicians by musicians

Scratch Track was the result of four DIY musicians (members of Dowsing, Snowing, Super Unison, Brave Bird) splitting our touring and work time to come together and hack away at conquering the Voice Memo app. The DIY ethic that came from years of playing in punk bands brought Scratch Track to life. Just like any new band, we utilized whatever free time we could find in hopes of creating something great. With half of the Scratch Track team actively touring throughout the year (Mike Politowicz with Dowsing and myself with Super Unison), many of the ideas for features within the app grew from conversations with friends and fellow musicians around the world. Additionally, much of the design and code for the app has been developed in vans and venues throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

This is just the beginning

As it rolls out, we‘re sharing Scratch Track with our network of fellow DIY bands/friends, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. But this is just the beginning — future plans currently include a mobile web platform, Android support, and multi-tracking, in addition to many other new features as the app continues to evolve for today’s musicians.

Give Scratch Track a try:

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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