10 Scratch Projects That Will Make You Laugh

By the Scratch Community Team

This post is part of a blog series about what young people are sharing in the Scratch online community.

The Scratch Team loves to laugh. Lucky for us, the Scratch online community has a great sense of humor.

Here are 10 Scratch projects that are guaranteed to give you the giggles.

1. 11 percent battery life is worse than 1 percent. No, really.

Why 11% is worse than 1% by Hobson-TV

2. Keep this list handy: Inappropriate places to break out your best Macarena.

3. Movie buffs will be tickled by these film reenactments — with a twist.

4. This project asks us to envision a world where bears are invisible (And has us hoping that there will be a Part 2!).

5. Rules were made to be broken — at least when it comes to cartoon physics.

Cartoon Physics by Eixelized

6. These geometry, chemistry, and computer science puns are C++.

7. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Broken pencil.

8. We find food puns to be simply irresistible. (And just a tad corny.)

Delicious Food Puns by GreenIeaf

9. What if song lyrics were taken literally?

10. Password struggles. We can relate.

Keep the laughs coming! Check out these good-humored studios: