10 Scratch Projects with Style

By the Scratch Community Team

This post is part of a blog series about what young people are sharing in the Scratch online community.

Take a look at the Scratch online community and you’ll soon realize that every Scratcher has their own style. From line drawings to kawaii, anime to blockshade, realism, and more, Scratchers are creating projects that reflect their own unique personalities.

Inspired by the different, diverse styles of Scratchers, we put together a list of 10 projects that focus on style, dress-up, or fashion:

1. This “fly” dress-up project takes us back…

★1990s Inspired Dress Up★by amee-

2. This one takes us way, way back…

Victorian Dress Up by RomaniM

3. With Halloween just around the corner, the spooky fashions in this project get us in the spirit.

4. Sometimes, fashionistas can be a bit finicky.

Finicky Fashionista by Bex36

5. When it comes to fashion, don’t forget the feet!

6. …or the fingernails!

Paint Nails! ~ [Pinta las uñas] by aguchita

7. These 19th century swim fashions make a fantastic splash!

8. Help Jeremy the Bear find something to wear in this dress-up game.

9. This project imagines what someone might sell in their own merch store.

If I Owned A Merch Shop by forever-

10. Stick men have style, too!

Dress Up Stick Man by kimgottula

Do you like fashion? Explore the Scratch Fashion microworld and create your own dress-up game! (A “microworld” is a customized version of the Scratch editor with small set of blocks, designed for making interactive projects based on a theme.)

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