Many Paths, Many Styles, Many Connections

Reflections from the Scratch@MIT Conference

The MIT Media Lab buzzed with excitement over the course of the three-day conference.

“Many Paths, Many Styles” is more than just the conference theme.

Scratch@MIT provided participants with “many paths and many styles” to experience the conference itself.

Scratch is helping young people find and develop their voices.

Taryn Basel shared her motivations behind creating the “The Colour Divide” animated series on Scratch.

The Scratch Team continues to explore how to design for “all.”

Scratch is more than a programming language or online community — it’s a movement.

Mitchel Resnick reflected on the life of his mentor, friend, and colleague, Seymour Papert.



Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

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The Scratch Team

Scratch is a programming language and the world’s largest online community for kids. Find us at