Meet the Scratcher: _nix

Friendships in the Scratch online community are strengthened by collaborating on projects

The Scratch Team
Sep 7, 2018 · 6 min read

By My Nguyen

If you ask the Scratcher _nix how they got started with the Scratch, they’ll tell you that they don’t remember. With a little more thought, they’ll add that it may have been after their mom saw Mitchel Resnick’s “classic TED talk.”

“It was so long ago. I joined Scratch with my first account, liam48D, in February of 2013 — a little before the Scratch website and editor transitioned from 1.4 to 2.0. I’d used Scratch 1.4 for a while before I registered my account. I think I saw the “Share” button and saw I needed an online Scratch account to share my projects, and that’s when I asked if I could make an account. I was only nine!”

No matter how they got started, _nix, now 15 years old, is an active member of the Scratch community, collaborating with other Scratchers on projects and even helping the Scratch Team with small bug fixes in the Scratch editor. Collaboration, they’ve observed, is a key aspect of the online community.

“ I see people helping out others on Scratch all the time… people who’ve commented on their profiles or projects, and who’ve commented in little studio-communities, and who’ve made a question topic on the discussion forums — and that’s so nice! The community is really friendly, too — happy to help you with any programming questions, but also to collaborate together, and to make friends.”

We recently caught up with _nix over email to learn more about their experiences in the Scratch community.

Responses have been edited and condensed for clarity.

Can you tell us about your first project?

Ball Game by liam48D

Do you remember the first time you collaborated with other Scratchers in the community?

How do you get ideas for your Scratch projects?

Describe one of your favorite projects.

||SYSTEM FORMAT|| by epninja

What’s a memorable experience you’ve had in the Scratch community?

How is the Scratch community different from other communities in your life?

It’s really easy to meet people on Scratch, too. On other sites, before I comment on things people have made or said, I tend to think, “Will this make me look silly? Is it weird of me to ask or comment this, or even to just say hi?” But on Scratch, I don’t feel that at all, so it’s easier to talk to people I don’t even know. I think that’s because people on Scratch are generally really friendly. And it means I get to say hello to a lot of people I wouldn’t otherwise!

What have you learned about yourself through creating and participating on Scratch?

Have you learned anything on Scratch that you’ve been able to apply outside of Scratch?

What advice would you give to a new Scratcher?

My Nguyen is Communications Specialist for the Scratch Foundation.

The Scratch Team Blog

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

The Scratch Team

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Scratch is a programming language and the world’s largest online community for kids. It is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

The Scratch Team Blog

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

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