Scratch Day 2016

By the Numbers

By Saskia Leggett and My Nguyen

This year, Scratchers in more than 650 locations around the world gathered to meet, share, and learn on Scratch Day — the biggest number of registered Scratch Day celebrations to date!

In fact, the #ScratchDay hashtag received over 12 million impressions as the worldwide community shared their celebrations on social media.

Scratchers celebrated around dining room tables at home, met new friends in libraries, cafeterias, computer labs, and event spaces, created projects together while sprawled out on carpets and beanbags, and shared their enthusiasm for Scratch over homemade Scratch sprite cupcakes, giant Scratch Cat hats, and colorful Scratch Day t-shirts.

Here’s a look at Scratch Day 2016 by the numbers:

1 batch of brightly-colored Scratch Cat cupcakes, baked in Xalapa, Veracruz

2 tiers on this festive cake, shared among friends in Zaragoza, Spain

3 ferocious (or friendly?) dinosaurs at the Green Screen Activity at Scratch Day at MIT

PHOTO CREDIT: Eric Klopfer

5 grinning Scratch Cat masks at Scratch Day in Oman, Muscat

6 olives making sounds with Scratch and MaKey MaKey in Wanganui District, New Zealand

10 energetic voices from Sao Paolo, Brazil wishing the world a “Happy Scratch Day!”

24 projects shared in Share and Tell at Scratch Day at MIT

PHOTO CREDIT: Sarah Trahan

70+ countries represented in the Scratch Day site map

326 flying vessels created for the Scratch Day Sky Parade Studio

2500+ views on the Scratch Day at MIT opening ceremony live stream

4600+ posts shared on Twitter and Instagram with the #ScratchDay hashtag

170,530 projects created by the community on Scratch Day

And that’s just a glance!

Check out the Scratch Day 2016 Storify to see how the rest of the community celebrated around the world.

Saskia Leggett is Outreach Manager for the Scratch Team.

My Nguyen is Communications Specialist for the Scratch Foundation.