Try the Scratch 3.0 Beta today!

By the MIT Scratch Team

Earlier this year, we announced our plans for Scratch 3.0 — the next generation of Scratch. Today, we are very excited to launch the Scratch 3.0 Beta.

During the beta period we’re inviting everyone to try the new Scratch 3.0 editor at This new version works in all modern browsers across a broader range of devices, including tablets. Scratch 3.0 focuses on even more ways to create and get started. Check out the video below for a few highlights.

Get ready for the full release of Scratch 3.0

On January 2, 2019, we’ll integrate the Scratch 3.0 editor into the online community. We hope you’ll use the Beta period to become familiar with the new editor and some of the exciting new features and resources.

During this Beta period, the current Scratch online editor and community will continue to be available at

Scratch 3.0 will officially launch and connect to the Scratch online community in January 2019.

For Educators

If you’re an educator who uses Scratch, stay tuned for additional resources, tutorials, and webinars to help you become familiar with Scratch 3.0.

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For Resource Developers

If you develop books, tutorials, or other resources based on Scratch, we hope you’ll use the Beta period to update your resources.

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For more information and answers to common questions, check out the Scratch 3.0 FAQ

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Scratch (3.0) on!