Where in the World is Scratch Cat?

By the Scratch Community Team

This post is part of a blog series about what young people are sharing in the Scratch online community.

As you may have heard, after nine years of tirelessly spreading creative coding around the world, Scratch Cat recently took a much-deserved vacation.

In Scratch Cat’s absence, Scratch Community members wondered: where in the world is Scratch Cat?!

Some Scratchers, like pinkfoot123 speculated that Scratch Cat may have left Earth’s orbit entirely to visit friends in outer space.

Scratch Cat Greetings from Outer Space! by pinkfoot123

Other Scratchers, like Dreampelt, thought that Scratch Cat may have taken a long and winding trek to find their inner kitten.

Scratch Cat Explores the World by Dreampelt

. . .which led community members to another question: how does Scratch Cat get around?

Novakitty imagined that a friendly dragon might help Scratch Cat travel from place to place.

Scratch Cat the Dragon Rider by Novakitty

Considering that Scratch Cat was born at the MIT Media Lab, Squeakie theorized that Scratch Cat most likely travels by jet pack.

The Scratch Cat might Travel by Jetpack! by Squeakie

Though Scratch community members had many different ideas about where Scratch Cat may have gone on vacation (and how!), there was one thing all Scratchers could agree on: we missed Scratch Cat!

To share these feelings, the community created postcards for Scratch Cat to read on their travels, like this one, from kittycat841.

Postcard for Scratch Cat! by kittycat841

So, where exactly did Scratch Cat go while on vacation?

It looks like Scratch Cat has put together a scrapbook of vacation memories with a message:

Thanks for helping to make my journey so wonderful! Scratch On!

Did Scratch Cat visit the places you imagined? Create your own journey with Scratch Cat and share your projects in the Where in the World is Scratch Cat? or The Curious Transportations of Scratch Cat studios.

Just want to send a message to Scratch Cat? Create a postcard!