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Film Review: The FBI Story (1959)



  • After The Thin Man (1936): classic Nick and Nora Charles mystery with a surprise ending
  • Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939): both as a classic Jimmy Stewart good-guy role, and as a classic pro-American Capra vehicle
  • The Shop Around The Corner and The Philadelphia Story (both 1940): bubbly romantic comedies from great directors. Philadelphia Story especially for the brilliant cast and dialog
  • Winchester ’73 (1950): in my opinion, the seminal Jimmy Stewart western.
  • Vertigo (1958): don’t get me wrong: I love The Man Who Knew Too Much and Rope, but Vertigo takes the cake. Brilliantly-produced thriller about a man struggling with his demons, taking on a mysterious case that pushes him to (and past?) the limits of his sanity.
  • Anatomy of a Murder (1959): a great courtroom drama case, with expert direction by Otto Preminger and a star-making turn for Lee Remick



Reviewing, discussing, and generally geeking out over the magic of classic films and those who create that magic. From Vidor to Tarantino, come explore the magic.

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