Day TWO: Writing a Screenplay

The journey to writing my first screenplay

More research

Since I’m writing narrative nonfiction I decided to read some chapters out of Storycraft by Jack Hart. I started in on dialogue because I was having trouble finding the right sort of dialogue and the chapter quote was a great reframe to the story itself.

Quick Redesign

First things first, I wanted to frame my story in the paradigm but found it to be an eyesore, so I updated it in

I redesigned it like so:

Obviously, this draws your eyes towards the plot points but I think for me, the most challenging part for me is defining the phenomenon that will shift the scenes. It’s an art because you have to build up enough energy to complete the turn or it just becomes a flat transition. It requires jumping back between the acts to the plot point and intuitively making them stick.

Here were some of the transitions.

(I’ve released the actual version to those who signed up for the newsletter, sign up here if you want to take a look)


What I’ve completed thus far:

Hardest part? Getting the end to stick, and the dreaded plot points.

I rewrote the end about 4 times, I had a few friends of mine review it and I think it’s improved.

Next Up

I’ve been considering how I might write the body of Act II, because it’s the most congested spot. But I have to keep remembering the point is to write it even if it’s terrible. Get through it. Then improve it later. So in the next hour, I’ll begin and complete the ACT II assignment.

After that if I have the time and creative energy I’ll start on ACT III but it looks like I’ll have to push it back. Stay tuned, I’ll update you guys with some of the results tomorrow.

I’ll be back tomorrow for an update on today’s progress!

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